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User Journal

Journal: For a Media PC - Knoppmyth or Vista Home Premium?

Journal by PoconoPCDoctor

I home today, courtesy of President's 1 and 16, and so have a little more time to think about the next step in my newly transplanted PC, which is now parked in an Antec media case under the HD plasma tv. I would like to have more control over recording tv shows than is allowed through the cable TV's DVR, so I am faced with a choice.

Although I'm fairly certain that most Slashdot readers would think this a no-brainer - Mythtv or a variant like Knoppmyth is the the way to go, I also have the option of downloading an upgrade to Vista Home Premium, which includes the latest version of Windows Media Center.

For the record - I am an extreme commuter - 5 hours a day is consumed by my daily trip to and from the Big Apple, so there is precious little time to delve into Linux to get a functional media center pc. I have only used a couple of distros - yes, a Linux noob am I.

Still, I'd be interested in hearing the merits of Knoppmyth over using Vista Home Premium, with the emphasis on ease of installation. While I realize some preparation is required for either installation to go smoothly, like selecting compatible tuner cards, I think I am like many consumers when it comes to things technical - I just want them to work!

$159.00 for Vista Home Basic does not seem like a lot of money to get an OS that was five years in the making, and one that (in my humble experience with Win2K and XP AFTER a service pack or two) works reliably and does what I need it to do.

BTW, I am not concerned about DRM - so please address the ease of installation issue only.

User Journal

Journal: Rejected Submissions

Journal by PoconoPCDoctor

So far, I am 13 for 13 in stories submitted to Slashdot - all rejected. So I have decided to enter all stories I submit in my journal, in case someone might find them useful. Below is a similar story I put on my blog with essentially the same information.

While writing my previous post, I was looking for information about Computer Shows. I found the MarketPro web site, and then clicked on the link for the Allentown Fair Grounds. The correct link to the Allentown Fair Grounds is


The web site, however, had mistakenly coded it as


The extra http:// takes you to none other than tada! www.microsoft.com. I tried adding the extra http:// on a few other web sites, and they all will redirect to Microsoft. I also searched for references to this phenomenom on Google, but did not find any direct matches.

When you consider how many times this might happen in the course of a day, it seems that Microsoft has found a very interesting way to drive traffic to their site.

Remember, you heard it here first!

To communicate is the beginning of understanding. -- AT&T