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+ - Apple A4 Processor Teardown->

Submitted by Plocmstart
Plocmstart (718110) writes "Here's what is claiming to be the first teardown of the A4 processor. "Apple's iPad chip is a single-core ARM A8 made by Samsung. Through various benchmarking testing, UBM TechInsights was able to find out the details of the A4 processor.""
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+ - Buckeye Bullet 2 sets the record for fastest hyrdo->

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Plocmstart writes "The Buckeye Bullet 2 has set the record for the world's fastest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at 302.877mph. The vehicle was designed and built a team of engineering students at the Ohio State University. The Buckeye Bullet 1, an electric battery-powered vehicle, also holds the international record for the fastest electric vehicle at 271mph (top speed 321mph)."
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+ - Klingon keyboard a reality

Submitted by Plocmstart
Plocmstart (718110) writes "'ZF Electronics UK — formerly Cherry Electrical Products UK — is delighted to have been persuaded to turn what was originally conceived as a marketing gimmick into a real product. Last year the company announced the Klingon keyboard — as a spoof to demonstrate its capabilities in producing keyboards with non-standard language layouts including Hungarian, Kazakhstan, Maltese and Faroese (Faroe Islands). However, due to a number of serious enquires, the company has produced a fully functional keyboard with Klingon characters which works with PCs running Windows, OS-X (Mac) or Linux... '"

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