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Comment: Race Conditions (Score 1) 230

by Plocmstart (#47104559) Attached to: The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net
Reminds me of debugging errors related to digital logic race conditions. When you are on the edge of meeting timing, a slight shift in the wrong direction can cause the result to be incorrect, sometimes with an order of randomness. Until you violate that timing you have the feeling of security since everything is going smoothly. I'm sure there's a more mathematical way to explain this, but similarly I think much more testing could be done to understand what variables effect the outcome. It would be interesting to see more details, such as how many pixels must be modified for a failure? To what magnitude do the pixels have to be changed by? Is there a tradeoff between # of pixels and magnitude of change per pixel? Are certain pixels more important than others (edge detection for example)?

+ - Apple A4 Processor Teardown->

Submitted by Plocmstart
Plocmstart (718110) writes "Here's what is claiming to be the first teardown of the A4 processor. "Apple's iPad chip is a single-core ARM A8 made by Samsung. Through various benchmarking testing, UBM TechInsights was able to find out the details of the A4 processor.""
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+ - Buckeye Bullet 2 sets the record for fastest hyrdo->

Submitted by
Plocmstart writes "The Buckeye Bullet 2 has set the record for the world's fastest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at 302.877mph. The vehicle was designed and built a team of engineering students at the Ohio State University. The Buckeye Bullet 1, an electric battery-powered vehicle, also holds the international record for the fastest electric vehicle at 271mph (top speed 321mph)."
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+ - Klingon keyboard a reality

Submitted by Plocmstart
Plocmstart (718110) writes "'ZF Electronics UK — formerly Cherry Electrical Products UK — is delighted to have been persuaded to turn what was originally conceived as a marketing gimmick into a real product. Last year the company announced the Klingon keyboard — as a spoof to demonstrate its capabilities in producing keyboards with non-standard language layouts including Hungarian, Kazakhstan, Maltese and Faroese (Faroe Islands). However, due to a number of serious enquires, the company has produced a fully functional keyboard with Klingon characters which works with PCs running Windows, OS-X (Mac) or Linux... '"

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