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Submission + - Japanese reactors vs. Chernobyl->

PlantPerson writes: "The Christian Science Monitor has an analysis of the key differences between Japan's reactor crisis and Chernobyl. As it turns out, while Japan's problems are frequently related to Chernobyl by the press, the two disasters have very little in common, and it is unlikely that there will be any real fallout from the meltdown, if it even occurs."
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Submission + - Fresh Blast at Japan's Nuke Plant ->

iamrmani writes: "A new blast occurred at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex on Monday, triggering fresh radiation concerns, after a massive earthquake and Tsunami struck the World’s third largest economy.
The blast — the second hydrogen explosion in three days — sent out a huge cloud of smoke into the air as Japanese authorities have been working hard to prevent a meltdown."

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Comment Maybe the smart people don't like it? (Score 1) 284

I have a high GPA and I choose not to use Facebook because I don't trust the company and dislike many aspects of its structure. Perhaps the correlation is along the lines of the smartest people being the ones who avoid it? (Not to brag of course.) Of course, I don't have a stellar social life, either.

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