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+ - How do you wean people off the car? 3

Submitted by Planetes
Planetes (6649) writes "The state of Washington and Seattle metro areas have inadvertently found a possible clue regarding how to begin weeding Americans off their addiction to the car. The answer? promote mass transit. Obvious you think? How about throwing in a twist: Close several lanes of I-5 Northbound (the main North-South artery between Seattle and points south) just south of downtown Seattle. Not for hours, but for weeks. The result: light rail ridership doubles along with most other forms of mass transit in the area. So, to repeat: how do you wean people off the automobile? Make it useless."

+ - First 787 pictures

Submitted by
Planetes writes "There are pictures on the web of the first "fully" assembled 787 being rolled out of the Everett plant across the freeway to the paint shop. I say fully assembled because it's really only the outer shell and doesn't include a large percentage of the wiring and avionics yet. First 787"

+ - Ionatron ray-gun disables IEDs, autos, humanoids

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Ionatron has a $10M contract with the U.S. Government to develop its next generation Directed Energy Weapons system. Their device uses high powered ultra short laser pulses to create a plasma air channel, which acts like a virtual wire, and directs a high voltage controlled discharge at a target. They claim to be able to precisely control both direction and range to "disable people or vehicles that threaten our security." I hope the police don't start zapping your car if you're speeding!"

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