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Operating Systems

+ - Novell Goes Public with MS Patent Agreement Docume

Submitted by duedilly
duedilly (1108885) writes "http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2136947,00.as p?kc=EWKNLEDP052907A "...The text of the 144-page 10-K filing does not get into the specifics of the Microsoft deal, but it does include, subject to some redactions, the full three Microsoft agreement documents: the second amended and restated technical collaboration agreement, the first amended and restated business collaboration agreement and the patent cooperation agreement....""

+ - Michael Geist Sued for Defamatory Blogroll

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Michael Geist, the well known Canadian law prof and columnist, is apparently being sued for a defamatory blogroll. The suit apparently claims that Geist should be considered the publisher of a libel because his site includes a blogroll that links to a site that in turn links to a site that contains some allegedly defamatory third party comments. At this rate, Slashdot will presumably be sued for linking to Geist who links to a site that links to site that may contain a defamatory comment."

+ - 10 MPH Movie Out Today - Segway Across America

Submitted by Terry Ute
Terry Ute (666) writes "10 MPH, the documentary film about a Segway crossing the USA is now available worldwide on DVD. The story is based on a quirky, slow road trip, and digs deep into self transformation and the search for the thing one is supposed to do in life. Two aspiring filmmakers quit their soul-sucking cubicle jobs and set out on the 100-day, 4000-mile Segway journey across the USA. The film is available at Netflix, Blockbuster.com, Amazon.com and as an iTunes compatible download on the film's official website."

+ - Analysts Predict Wii Shortages To Continue

Submitted by
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "According to several top industry analysts, Nintendo could face continued stock shortages for it's latest home console, Wii, throughout much of 2007. Furthermore, analysts believe that due to these shortages, Nintendo is likely to miss out on the crucial holiday sales period for the second year running. Colin Sebastian, analyst at Lazard Capital Markets, observed, "Demand still appears to exceed supply, and we believe that shortages could persist through the remainder of the year, including the key holiday period.""
The Internet

+ - Semantic Search: An Antidote for Poor Relevancy

Submitted by
ReadWriteWeb writes "Dr. Riza C. Berkan, Founder and CEO of hakia.com, writes on Read/WriteWeb about semantic search:

"How satisfied search engine users are today is an on-going debate. However, there is wide consensus, from a scientific viewpoint on the competency of the current search engines: They are half-way to the target and there is huge room for improvement. Semantic search is now under the magnifying glass and the question is 'can semantic search be an antidote for poor relevancy?'""

+ - Qualcom found to have infringed Broadcom patents

Submitted by bhalter80
bhalter80 (916317) writes "A federal jury found Qualcom to have infringed upon 3 of Broadcom's patents relating the their cellular baseband hardware and software. The patents include the participation in multiple networks with only 1 transciever, using an ASIC to do video processing, and push-to-talk. Is this the beginning of the big boys starting to feel the pain of tech patents which outlive their novelty?"

+ - Hacking Firefox: The secrets of about:config

Submitted by jcatcw
jcatcw (1000875) writes "While Firefox is very customizable, many of its settings aren't in the Options. Each setting is named and stored as a string, integer or Boolean in a file called prefs.js, accessed via about:config from the nav bar. Computerworld provides instructions on 20 tweaks for speeding up page loads, making tabs behave, reducing memory drain and making the interface behave the way you want. Customization also comes through the must-have FF extensions, but be sure to skip these."
The Almighty Buck

+ - E-Gold Shut Down by Feds

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. has indicted the companies operating the digital currency business e-gold and their owners on charges of money laundering, conspiracy, and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business. Department of Justice also obtained a restraining order on the defendants and 24 seizure warrants on over 58 accounts believed to be property involved in money laundering and operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business. Although the restraining order does not limit the EGold operation's ability to use its existing funds to satisfy requests to exchange E-Gold into national currency for customers of non-seized accounts, virtually all major e-gold exchange services have shut down operations. This effectively freezes the assets of tens of thousands of legitimate businesses, and chills innovation in electronic cash, for the supposed purpose of impeding a handful of child pornographers. I wonder if the Fed would as readily shut down Visa or MC to stop the rampant credit card fraud that costs merchants millions every year?

In his response founder Dr.Douglas Jackson states, "With regard to child pornography, the government knows full well that their allegations are false, yet they highlight these irresponsible and purposely damaging statements in order to demonize e-gold in the eyes of the public."

Hardware Firewall On a USB Key 203

Posted by kdawson
from the bad-packets-stop-here dept.
An anonymous reader writes "An Israeli startup has squeezed a complete hardware firewall into a USB key. The 'Yoggie Pico' from Yoggie Systems runs Linux 2.6 along with 13 security applications on a 520MHz PXA270, an Intel processor typically used in high-end smartphones. The Pico works in conjunction with Windows XP or Vista drivers that hijack traffic at network layers 2-3, below the TCP/IP stack, and route it to USB, where the Yoggie analyzes and filters traffic at close-to-100Mbps wireline speeds. The device will hit big-box retailers in the US this month at a price of $180." Linux and Mac drivers are planned, according to the article.
The Internet

+ - GTW Closing Call Center Over Tech Support Call ?

Submitted by
pcpitstop writes "PC Pitstop's Hall of Shame is ruffling more than a few feathers. The Hall of Shame is an archive of technical support calls recorded by PC Pitstop. Of particular interest, is a recently recorded conversation between PC Pitstop and Gateway Technical Support. According to feedback posted to pcpitstop.com on Monday, by someone who appears to suggest they are a Gateway technician, this call has prompted Gateway "to not renew our contract". Could this one call really drive Gateway to close an entire call center or was this simply the final straw ?"

+ - Hard Disk Resurrection

Submitted by
Njoyda Sauce
Njoyda Sauce writes "Recently a friend handed me what he described as a "dead disk" and pleaded with me to help him recover the data on it. I did some googling, and was astounded at the number of tools available. Worse yet, there are few good reviews or first hand accounts for any of the software out there actually saving data. It seems to me that the even when a particular piece of software works well for one user, it often does not for another. Things like disk manufacturer, format type, interface, age, and problem symptoms, all seem to affect which solution works best. In situations where you have some unknowns such as format type are there some good generic solutions out there for Windows? Are there a number of tools that you use to perform the whole task such as one for diagnosis and one for repair?"

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