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Comment: Computers were much more mysterious 30 years ago (Score 1) 429 429

The TRON fantasy worked in 1980 because computers for most of us were these magical black boxes. Compared to today, a really small group of people around the world understood how they worked or how to program them.

Today, our fantasies have grown with our understanding of their ever increasing power... enter The Matrix.

Tron 2010 needed to evolve but it didn't. This has nothing to do with _OUR_ lack of imagination, it has to do with the films own lack of imagination.

Comment: Re:Why are ppl still whining? (Score 1) 145 145

Because this is a typical corporate maneuver to get their foot in the door. Eventually opting out will not be a realistic option as various features will only be accessible if you're enrolled.

Blizzard failed with the frontal assault so now they're going sideways with their strategy.

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