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Comment: Re:Crash? More like correction. (Score 1) 709

by Pinkybum (#37766772) Attached to: Value of Bitcoin "Crashes"
No - as I said I went to one of the largest demonstrations in the country and surveying the signs that people were holding up most (about 95 percent) related to the above 3 main areas. There were some other odd posters from a libertarian or anti-war perspective but these were definitely in the minority.

Comment: Re:Crash? More like correction. (Score 1) 709

by Pinkybum (#37764090) Attached to: Value of Bitcoin "Crashes"

Even if somehow that did not become a problem, there is the fact that Bitcoin is an inherently deflationary currency. This creates problems with hoarding (which we are already seeing), and makes it harder to repay loans (loans are crucial to a functioning economy, despite what those "occupy" protesters tell you).

I don't think I have ever seen or heard an "occupy" protester say that loans are inherently bad and I went to one for a couple of hours in Saturday. The main thrust of the "movement" is: 1. Tax the rich more - to make income and wealth distribution a little more equitable 2. Re-install Glass-Steagal and regulate the financial industry properly 3. Eliminate corporate personhood and institute campaign finance reform to make our democracy more healthy

Comment: Re:Yep (Score 1) 177

by Pinkybum (#29311179) Attached to: The Design Failures That Led To <em>Rock Band</em>
I think it is ridiculous to expect people to necessarily learn to play guitar just to play a game. However, I can never really enjoy GH/RB because I can play guitar too well and having to learn another way to "play" the songs seems really redundant. That is to say I wish they had the game for real guitar - much like Singstar or Lips for vocals. OTOH I love driving and racing simulation games - so - horses for courses.

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