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Comment Re: Overturn States' Rights? (Score 1) 135

correct. Unless the CARB has per-approved the hardware you can't just drop it in. I've been told I could make the mods and take the car to a referee station and it would be up to them to grant a special case approval, but I was warned those were rare and it I didn't get the approval I'd have to undo all the mods or not register the car in the state. If I had the money to burn I'd give it a try but sadly I don't have that much "fun money" to burn. As it is it still passes smog, but also gets really bad mileage so I only use it when I need to.

Comment Re: Overturn States' Rights? (Score 1) 135

Sadly the exemption you mention was removed by Gov. Schwarzenegger within months of him first getting into office. The regulations originally made any car 30+ years older exempt from the smog tests.

My car was 29 and due for what would have been its last smog test when the Govenator screwed it all up. They also closed the loophole where you could take the car out of state for the mods, if the car was originally manufactured for CA then it MUST have all the smog equipment installed and functioning that it was originally equipped with. I'm not 100% sure but I think there is also a requirement for cars sold out of state to be retrofitted, I bought my car in Utah and had to get all the smog equipment added to it but I don't remember if the car was originally manufactured for CA and had its original equipment removed or what.

Also a factor is I don't have the money to ship my car out of state to get modded and take the chance that I would have to get all the mods undone when I brought it back if the CARB decided to be dicks about it.

I'll have to look into the waiver you mentioned, back when I was originally researching all this I didn't come across anything like that, but I might not have been looking in the right areas.

Comment Re:Overturn States' Rights? (Score 2) 135

Probably sometime just after Hell freezes over. Once a regulation is in place it tends to stay.

I will however point out that the CARB regulations have done a lot to improve and maintain the air quality over the years. The air in LA would look like what they have in Beijing now if it wasn't for those regulations. That said I do have issues with the CARB regulations myself, I have a 35 year old car that I could upgrade its fuel and intake system to something more efficient and cleaner but none of the new equipment has been certified by CARB yet so I can't install it. If the regulations just required the car to pass emissions testing but not restrict the technology the car could use more older cars might get upgraded and the air would be cleaner for it.

But if it is a choice between a car I rarely use (I have a newer car for my commuting) and being able to breath I'll take the latter

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 562

If your friend loans you their car do you read the manual? Or do you, like most people would, assume that the car's gear shift works like every other car out there?

I wouldn't be so quick to criticize other people because one car manufacturer decided to change what has been a defacto standard for longer than you have probably been alive.

And how is adding steps progress? I really hope you were trying to be sarcastic, and if that is the case I apologies for my mildly snarky comment.

Comment Nasa (Score 1) 133

Why the fuck did they target NASA?? I mean NASA is a civilian organization with limited funding and mostly non military projects so why did they try to drop a research drone into the ocean?

If they wanted to make a point about how easy a drone was to hack why didn't they go after the DoD? Oh, that's right, the DoD actually has better security in place (not perfect I know, but better) and AnonSec probably couldn't even get a phone number to call.

I usually side with the Hackers and Hacktivists but this time I just can't.

Comment I have one problem with this (Score 1) 77

As much as I enjoyed the show there was one thing that always bugged me. And that was the simple fact that the machines were NOT robots in the true sense of the word. They where ROVs, operated by their builders. True robots would have been autonomous, able to take offensive and defensive actions based on their current environment and the actions of their opponent. Preferable with some form of remote kill switch for safety of course. I know I'm just nit picking and I just wanted to get that off my chest for once. Thank you for your patience. That said it would be cool if they brought the show back.

Comment Re:Those pesky civil rights... (Score 1) 343

Even if Sanders doesn't get the official nomination if enough people write him in on their ballots he gets the job if he wants it.

And before anyone talks about "throwing your vote away" consider this: Your vote is only wasted when you don't use it.

Every vote for gets counted, ever notice how the congresscriters talk about representing the "majority", when only slightly more than 1/6 of the registered voters actually voted at all? If everyone voted, even if they just write in their cat's name, the Dem or Rep would probably still win but instead of 52% of the votes they would only have 12% of the total cast vote, and it would be much harder for them to claim they represented a majority with a straight face.

Comment No. (Score 1, Insightful) 144

Just fucking NO!

Many in my family have received medals, Gold, Bronze, Silver Stars to name those I remember clearly, there where others, over the courses of their military careers. In each case it was because they put there lives on the line for their country. On more than one occasion my father almost didn't come back from his combat postings. When I was a child he showed me each medal and told me the story of why it was given to him, and the names of the people who didn't come back from those missions. Giving a combat medal to someone who hasn't actually faced the real possibility of death in combat just feels like the DoD is spitting in the face of every service person who ever put they're lives on the line for their country.

How the fuck does a joystick jocky sitting in a cozy air conditioned room and going home to a safe warm bed in the USA qualify for a combat medal??

How about they start issuing medals to gamers who play Call of Duty while there at it? It as about the same risk level.

I acknowledge that the drone pilots do face certain job related stress factors but if they want to just say "I can't take it" and walk away in the middle of a mission they can do it if the want to. You don't get that option in a real battle field.

If the DoD wants to give the drone pilots and other non combat personnel recognition then print out some nice looking frame-able certificate, give them some time off and call it done, but do not call it a "combat medal"

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