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Comment Re:Don't go with skylake DDR4 (Score 1) 207

This chip (Intel G4400) is interesting for one reason. It has VT-D enabled. This makes it the cheapest Intel chip selling that has that feature. Its still not as cheap as buying an AMD A4 which also has it but you're no longer looking at $200 pay to play on the Intel side if that is what you're after.

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 2) 54

Well, when most users can't tell the difference between any of your products (because there barely is any) and they aren't even worth the hassle of a motherboard upgrade from previous products (much less the cost of the hardware) creating new large confusing model numbers is one way to give the illusion of a purpose I suppose.

Comment Re:Who cares about Flash now that HTML5 is here? (Score 1) 92

I always just installed flash control or flash block. Then if I wanted to see the element I could just click on it. Since 98% of the stuff was auto load ads, auto play videos or other garbage it made way more sense to allow the tiny amount as it requires almost no user effort. Conversely, allowing all flash often required a large amount of effort to work around and typically loaded the page slower.

FlashControl works for HTML5 video as well.

Comment Re:Flash in Firefox/Linux (Score 1) 199

I used flashblock for awhile, but it stopped working on youtube. FlashControl add-on works and also has a whitelist system.

I actually think I couldn't get that firefox option to work as expected for some reason.

I don't really have a problem with flash myself since I've also had it set to click to activate with flash block. It seems like 99% of flash elements are just garbage and its much easier to an extra click to the 1%.

Comment Re:Microsoft had won against entrenched players. (Score 1) 248

I think that is his point though. In the past Microsoft certainly did show up late, and then through sometimes nefarious (bundle it with the OS so everyone has it, offer a free version to snuff out the competitions revenue source) means they got their copycat product to the front even if they had to fight a long time to get there. But they don't seem to want to fight anymore. Which is perplexing since they clearly have the warchest to fight this kind of war on multiple fronts.

Now they just release a product that is at best "just as good" as the competition's and when that isn't enough to immediately draw the whole market to them they abandon the product wholesale. Not only does that half ass strategy not win them anything, it taints the whole brand and makes savvy consumers unwilling to even try your untested product since they know you'll likely leave them twisting in the wind.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 253

I don't really have a problem with F2P games, or I didn't anyway. I just didn't play them because I believe all F2P games will eventually transform into pay to win even if they are not in their original incarnation. Its just to easy to go down that path. But when I started having games retroactively turned into F2P that is when things looked bad. Its not just MMOs, think of TF2. Luckily I was never into that game to start with and I only owned it because it came with another game I did buy, but I did not like the precedent it set.

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