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Comment: I'd pay, but (Score 1) 572

by PilogBue (#32408064) Attached to: Arrr ye a pirate, matey?
I'd gladly pay for the stuff I download (shows, mostly). But seeing as they are shown here in Norway many months after the original air date, and, if I miss an episode I have to wait for a rerun or buy a dvd box I can't really be bothered. Fulfill my needs for availability and I'll gladly pay a reasonable amount for your productions.

Comment: Re:Face palm (Score 4, Informative) 677

by PilogBue (#32406954) Attached to: Pakistan Lifts Ban After Facebook Deletes Offending Page
There were a lot of submissions, and Muhammad had taken an unimaginable amount of forms. Although, quite a few took the oppurtunity to show their hatred towards muslims in general (nukes at the Kaba etc.), which made the impact of the images sort of embarrasing after a while. Another trend also occured, namely death threats. They seemed to flourish, judging by the amount of print screens that were posted. I think they actually ended up making a seperate death threat gallery. In my oppionion that just makes this caving even worse. Yet another victory for the unevolved.

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