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Comment: Re:Oh the Humanity! (Score 1) 424

by Physics MD (#22442606) Attached to: 'Porn King' Says Google Should Block Porn Access
"in 5th grade, sex is just a barely recognizable concept to them" Are you kidding me? I have a hard time believing some of the things my pediatrician associates are encountering on a regular basis relating to increasing sexual activity in young children. Kind of depressing. I doubt it's due to magazines headlines in the supermarket, but I think it's pretty obvious that the world we live in is becoming increasingly sexualized and that it is impacting children and adolescents more than most people in this thread would like to admit. For better or worse only time will tell. Perhaps Irish Samurai is forgetting how smart kids are (or forgets how curious he/she was when younger) and their ability to draw their own conclusions from what we assume they don't understand. Unfortunately, a lot of parents are failing to equip their children with the tools to make sense of the rather explicit messages children encounter on a daily basis and a free pass has been given to the media in the name of free speech. The best thing to do is for parents to teach children age-appropriate principles relating to healthy sexuality and encourage businesses and media to self-censor. True: sex sells. But does being so much more explicit make that much more money? If anything it devalues the excitement they use to attract attention, and the next time around they have to up the ante.

Money may buy friendship but money cannot buy love.