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Comment: Re:Dear Sony, I am delighted! (Score 1) 155

by Phusion (#48460607) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack

Yes! Thank you, I won't shed a single tear, but instead hope that they're shut down for a lot longer than they expect. Fuck Sony in their stupid asses. Yes, Rootkit, prosecution of George Hotz and countless other fuckups remind me that Sony is just getting what they deserve.

Comment: Re:Hold on a second.. (Score 1) 126

by Phusion (#47615985) Attached to: Alleged Massive Account and Password Seizure By Russian Group

Yeah, I hadn't read the source article until today. I chuckled a bit when they mentioned the services they offer that could help mitigate this threat.

I'm sure several companies that have monitoring, pen-testing and other paid services are spooging their pants right about now. I'm sure that the story is legitimate, they may not be exaggerating, just letting their readers know that for a price, they're here to help :)

Comment: "I don't care what the international community thi (Score 2) 82

by Phusion (#46547355) Attached to: The Net Routes Around Censorship In Turkey

I loved reading the comment that whats-his-face was going to "wipe out" twitter and that he didn't care what the international community thought-- he was just asking to get circumvented. Oh well, hopefully we don't see a complete drop in Internet communications for the whole country, like we did in '11-'12. With any luck we'll get less oppressive/corrupt regime's when they learn they can't censor the Internet as well as they thought they could.

Comment: one would think (Score 1) 253

by Phusion (#46410245) Attached to: Comcast Turning Chicago Homes Into Xfinity Hotspots

You'd think that Comcast would segment the public wifi traffic from your LAN traffic. You know, that would be the smart thing to do...

Do they do this? I have no idea. I got tired of reavering my neighbors and gave in to paying for Comcrap late last year. Fortunately I'm in such a remote location, I doubt they'll ever enable this feature in a town with two stop signs and a grave yard.

Comment: re: new iPads (Score 1) 658

by Phusion (#45205147) Attached to: Oregon Extends Push To Track, Tax Drivers Per Mile

I, for one am a long time Apple computer hater. I don't understand their appeal, or the Apple Tax(tm) and would never pay money for one of their laptops or desktops. That being said, I fucking love their mobile hardware. I got an iPhone 3Gs shortly after they were released and got all the non-S versions on launch day since. I bought an iPad 1 shortly before the 2 came out, not being familiar with Apple's release schedule... kicking myself a bit, I still really enjoyed the light form factor for doing webby stuff from bed or the couch. Now that my iPad 1 is showing serious signs of aging, I'm definitely looking forward to buying either a Mini with retina or go all in for an iPad Air.. These tablets are just really well made, and although I love open source and linux, I just can't stand using any version of Android. It just turns me off, I'm not sure if its the UI or.. what, I just don't like the feel of Android on a phone or a tablet.

The closer and closer these tablets come to paper thin the more excited I become. Time to pawn off some household items to drop $500 on just the baseline model of the iPad Air...

Comment: Re:Wait a minute, there are ads on the internet? (Score 1) 120

by Phusion (#44448193) Attached to: Fearful of Reader Reaction, Facebook Delays Video Ads

Yeah, I'm sure we'll all be blocking this shit out once it is deployed. Unfortunately, without a jailbroken or otherwise modified phone/tablet, you wont be able to block them when on a mobile device. Hopefully this will start the ball rolling on a mass exodus to some other network.

Comment: Re:Not supported (Score 0) 72

by Phusion (#43475287) Attached to: Anonymous Raises Over $54,000 For Dedicated Your Anon News Website

Actually, they are not attempting to put an official channel on the name and idea of Anonymous.

They are creating a centralized news site where news about Anonymous and Anonymous operations and be aggregated, discussed, posted etc. I also can't agree with your predictions that the site will be "controlled, or shut down, or censored" -- and how exactly will people get the idea Anonymous has sold out? By creating a legitimate media outlet, it's more like they're gaining more awareness...

You don't speak for Anonymous, so let's not go spouting ignorant rubbish about it selling out and what it does or does not support. I hear the bell ringing kiddo, it's time for class.

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