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Comment sad state of affairs (Score 1) 172

My god, what the fuck SourceForge. You used to be so good! Now you're packing in shitware with popular open source projects? Filezilla, now nmap, seriously?

Github is the obvious choice, but will no one stand up and create a front end to make it a little more end user friendly, or create a SF clone that doesn't ever mess with the projects they host? I realize this is a costly endeavour, but SF must be stopped :/

Comment Re:Hold on a second.. (Score 1) 126

Yeah, I hadn't read the source article until today. I chuckled a bit when they mentioned the services they offer that could help mitigate this threat.

I'm sure several companies that have monitoring, pen-testing and other paid services are spooging their pants right about now. I'm sure that the story is legitimate, they may not be exaggerating, just letting their readers know that for a price, they're here to help :)

Comment "I don't care what the international community thi (Score 2) 82

I loved reading the comment that whats-his-face was going to "wipe out" twitter and that he didn't care what the international community thought-- he was just asking to get circumvented. Oh well, hopefully we don't see a complete drop in Internet communications for the whole country, like we did in '11-'12. With any luck we'll get less oppressive/corrupt regime's when they learn they can't censor the Internet as well as they thought they could.

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