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Comment: Reliability more important than speed (Score 3, Insightful) 108

by PhrackCreak (#28587855) Attached to: Testing 3G Networks Across the US

I have AT&T. I live in San Francisco. AT&T regularly drops calls. I cannot make calls from home without dropping them a minute or two into the conversation. I could not make calls from work until they installed an expensive repeater. Notice that AT&T lost EVERY SINGLE reliability comparison.

For my needs, that makes them the worst provider.

Comment: Re:Did His Contract Specify "Internal Waters"? (Score 1) 410

by PhrackCreak (#26975011) Attached to: How To Rack Up $28,000 In Roaming Without Leaving the US

Being an unfortunate customer of AT&T wireless, this means there is no acceptable tower anywhere.

I live in the middle of San Francisco, and AT&T usually provides no service where I work (North Beach), volunteer (Mission), and live (Castro). I once thought sprint was the worst mobile phone company ever but at least I got signal.

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