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Comment: Re:No confidence (Score -1, Troll) 937 937

It's definitely worth calling him out on the mansion, but the zinc mine thing had a retraction on it. Check out the following usa today article (near the top).

Also, he's donating the money, and your comment is written as flaimbait. You do not deserve a positive "insightful" rating.

Microsoft's Patent Pledge "Worse Than Useless" 140 140

munchola writes "The Software Freedom Law Center has declared that Microsoft's patent pledge to open source developers is 'worse than useless'. SFLC chief technology officer, Bradley Kuhn, has written to FOSS developers warning them that 'developers are no safer from Microsoft patents now than they were before'. According to Kuhn: 'The patent covenant only applies to software that you develop at home and keep for yourself; the promises don't extend to others when you distribute. You cannot pass the rights to your downstream recipients, even to the maintainers of larger projects on which your contribution is built.'"

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