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"ignoring the homoerotic undertones of the whole gay pageant you've for months been pining away for" And there are no homo-erotic undertones of wanting to grab some other man's balls? And nothing phallic about a gun? I'll be sure to tell Freud that.

Submission + - New legislation for nuclear safety->

mdsolar writes: "Recent problems at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant have spurred Congresspeople from Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire to introduce legislation that would allow State governors to request independent safety reviews of nuclear power plants that exclude NRC employees that usually work on that plant and include non-NRC employees. The review model is based on one that found problems at Maine Yankee before it closed. Problems at Vermont Yankee have included a cooling tower collapse, a SCRAM caused by an ungreased valve and failure of a safety system during the SCRAM. The plant is coming off of heightened review after shipping nuclear material with insufficient shielding. The plant's application for a 20 year license extention is also currently under review."
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Submission + - Terrorist websites down->

sufijazz writes: "CNN's Kelli Arena reports that "all of the sites that we usually turn to for videos like this are down — they've been down all day." She goes on to say "...who's doing that is a matter of much speculation...some experts thought that maybe it was the government because they knew that the tape was coming and so they interfered and hacked into those sites and put them down.""
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