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Comment: Re:Hurry already (Score 1) 142

by PhetusPolice (#31398268) Attached to: Herschel Space Observatory Finds Precursors of Life In Orion

"The moment life is detected else where will once and for end the silly notion of god or religion."


BEECAAAUUSE we will eventually find a Space Jesus in another civilization!
The aliens that we discover will be worshiping their own Jesus, one who is older than ours - this will cause a schism between Earth Jesus followers, but many remain faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Another several thousands of years pass by when encounter YET ANOTHER civilization, one who worships, what we quickly came to call him as, Space Jesus #3, who bares an uncanny resemblance to the Space Jesus' 1 and 2.. also with Krishna, Mithra and Horus (thanks Bill Maher!) but we're talking about Jesus, here.

Some time later, we've come to discover over 200 Space Jesus' in our own Milky Way. After millennia of toil, the most recent Space Jesus lived within the SAME EXACT time period that Earth Jesus was being engorged for sins. This debunked the claim by the New Space Jesus Order that all Space Jesus, including Earth Jesus, were in fact the same Jesus, wiping out sin from the galaxy like an inverted Santa Claus. The remaining true believers of Earth Jesus, a blip compared to their former breadth of influence, are flabbergasted and are mocked by the majority.

However, the remaining followers, berated and on the cusp, regularly resort to violence to prove everyone else wrong. IN THE NAME OF EARTH JESUS!

Wait, did I say religion was gonna end? ..nuh-uh

United States

+ - Wiki Gov't

Submitted by
PhetusPolice writes "I've become increasingly concerned with the lack of connection between citizens and their representatives seated in congress of the USA. With sites like wikipedia and slashdot in mind, I envisioned a site that is fueled by the people with their collaborative knowledge and wisdom to help balance the power between the people's voices and their representatives votes and other actions. What I imagined was a site that has articles submitted by the people concerning the articles read in the senate, to hot topics of debate, to even the transgressions of our fellow men in power. Each topic would be discussed, and perhaps moderated like on /., until a collective solution is decided among the many. After this, a summary is made with a petition under it, which can help influence the actions our representatives, and perhaps if the petitions are ignored or neglected, civil lawsuit may follow.
This is a rough draft of my idea, but what I wanted to ask you, the people of slashdot, is is this a feasible idea? If so, what modifications would you add to this idea? And, do you think if this idea works, could it ever be integrated into the government itself, and make this a real and viable process for the people to connect to their government?"

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