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Comment Re:And people wonder why the US is going broke... (Score 1) 728 728

After you're done reading a book, you put it down, and maybe never even read it again. After you read 100 resumes, and pick a couple to talk to the people you have to hire someone. That someone will be in your life for the forseable future. It makes the consequence of picking a bad or--even worse--a mediocre candidate a serious decision. Its much worse to hire a mediocre employee because it will take you longer to figure out they are no good, and even longer to get rid of them.

Comment Re:Analysts saying the obvious? (Score 1) 171 171

They already did this:

They even sent me a free tablet on the hopes I'd build an app for them.

It was a pretty sweet deal I have to admit.

Comment Re:Platform == racketeering (Score 1) 724 724

Yes, but side loading is installing another piece of software. My point was just because you can do something--such as install an app from a different repo, or install a different web browser on an OS--doesn't mean that you don't have a monopoly.

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