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Comment: Re:So they won (Score 1) 62

by Perf (#29007561) Attached to: TSA Seizes Disney World Toys


I wasn't making excuses for them. So why take out your TSA frustration on me?

I have traveled thru 19 countries and dealt with strict customs. China, Egypt, Israel, Japan, more. Hand checks, etc.

I too have been harassed by TSA. (I was driving. Rude comments. Everything opened and left scattered on the back seat. Laptop and car registration dumped on the floorboard. Had to find my passport. To say I was peeved is an understatement.) The airport TSA are relatively polite.

In my job, I always had too many things for carry on anyway. (Toolbox, spare parts, clothing, etc.)

Comment: Re:Flash memory in a keyboard? (Score 1) 275

by Perf (#28911525) Attached to: Apple Keyboard Firmware Hack Demonstrated

Advantages of flash...

Single chip solution - the microcontroller has flash built into it. The chip makers are using flash for microcontrollers because they only need to design one set of masks. FWIW, a chip rep once told me that the combination of voltage and reduced feature size means the older technologies wont work.

Comment: Not so stupid if you figure in tax laws... (Score 1) 445

by Perf (#28683999) Attached to: Wells Fargo Bank Sues Itself

The payouts are considered a business loss. Money received from a lawsuit is tax free (because it is considered compensation for money already owed.)

Company A sues itself for $1 million to be paid out $50,000/year for 20 years. Each year, it deducts a $50,000 payout. Each year, it gets $50,000 tax free.

Comment: Re:Similar to Donald Knuth's Logic (Score 1) 252

by Perf (#28649909) Attached to: Judge Invalidates Software Patent, Citing Bilski

I want SW-patents to go the way of the dodo as much as the next /.'er, but the above struck me as aking to A) atoms cannot be patented, B) all machines are made of one or more atoms, ergo machines cannot be patented.

One could argue that oil paintings are a collection of pigments that filter and reflect various wavelengths of light. The art is in the selection and arrangement of the pigments. Or that music is a sequence of tones. But some sequences sound better than others.

Programming is not pure science, it is a mix of science and art, like architecture.

(I also agree that something is terribly flawed with the software patent system.)

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