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Comment: Car Computer Access is Fun (Score -1) 85

by PenGun (#40836431) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Books and Tools For a Software/Hardware Hobbyist?

Get him the appropriate hardware and software for the PCM in his car. I will soon be getting a Quarterhorse for my 93 Lincoln Mark VIII:

  With one of the software editors, Binary Editor:

  And or perhaps EEC Editor:

  You need an unlocked strategy and bin file for your car and with that in place you can control and tune your car to the moon. Dtat logging in real time for real events is a very powerful tuning tool.

  My EEC-IV is actually an Intel 8061 and you can get even further into that with a disassembler etc.

  Lots of fun tuning with modern cars. I will have switchable tunes when I'm done. One for mileage and one for power, for starters.

Comment: Not just a file manager (Score 0) 304

by PenGun (#26618697) Attached to: Midnight Commander Development Revived

You can do most anything from MC. I use it to play video, games many things. You can bind a file extension to a command and just hilight and hit enter (F9/Command/Edit Extension File/User). I run my 1000 doom wads out of MC as well as all my vids. Even play DVDs one vob at a time sometimes.

  Hard to beat and manages files just fine.

Comment: Re:Compare with XP (Score 1) 898

by PenGun (#26251727) Attached to: First Look At Windows 7 Beta 1

Let me guess, you have some adequacy problems the software solves for you. I mean it is "love" right? mWhahaha.

The only useful thing I found Vista could do was shrink it's self. That made it last nearly a week on my lappy that came with it. XP sits where it was although I don't seem to need it much. Slackware 12 does everything I need the lappy to do.

[Crash programs] fail because they are based on the theory that, with nine women pregnant, you can get a baby a month. -- Wernher von Braun