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Comment Re:Siebel has no vision. (Score 1) 333

You couldn't possibly be any less correct when you say, "The mobile market is a playground for the big boys." Particularly in reference to the iPhone! Haven't you read a paper in the last year?? All kinds of one man shops are making money building apps for the iPhone. The App store has truly empowered 'lone wolf' developers to build software and sell it on a scale that could never be reached before without massive budgets.
I have personally built a few apps for the store and have made over $10k this year. By myself. After work. On the side.

Comment Re:A land of limited opportunity (Score 1) 509

I have to call BS on this comment. There is no reason that you can't write an iPhone app with all of its business logic in C or C++ and only do the UI in Obj-C/Cocoa. This is just like writing any other n-tier application with C or C++ business components and a modular/thin front end and a database abstaction layer. You can use the business logic anywhere and just re-write the interface to take advantage of the interface options on your target platform.
Java? Please. No one would ever buy an app for the iPhone or a Mac that looks as shitty as any Swing or AWT Java application. Hell, I wouldn't even want to run that crap on Linux or Windows.

Comment Why not? (Score 1) 251

Why doesn't MS just spend the time building an OS that is not as vulnerable to viruses and malware? Since they won't do that, why not just build the AV stuff in at a lower lever so that it is not obvious to the user that they are even running AV? MS likes to sneak stuff in under your nose anyway, why not something that will make the OS safer and more stable? Oh yeah, it's probably because of some conspiricy like they are the major shareholder in Symantec or Norton...

Comment Re:Or is it due to time and money? (Score 1) 316

Is it possible (or likely) that the governments of China and Russia subsidized the contestants from their respective countries?? I consider myself a pretty good coder. I work 60 hour weeks and do side development work as well. Do I have time to devote to something like this?? No. If my government said that they would pay my salaray for a month while I took part in this, I would surely do it.

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