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+ - Rogue Planets Could Harbor Life->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "A pair of astronomers believe that life could exist on frozen worlds ejected from their planetary systems. The idea is that these worlds would contain hidden oceans, frozen on top but heated from underneath by geothermal activity. These worlds may even be closer to us than many nearby star systems."
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+ - Need for speed creates global success story->

Submitted by emilyann
emilyann (1860576) writes "“Necessity is the mother of invention” has been attrbibuted to various writers as far back as Plato. Aptimize CEO Ed Robinson has a modern take on it: “Our invention came from having to survive.”
The invention of the Wellington company is its Website Accelerator, which has found favour amongst the global ICT community."

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+ - Sprint Launches A Dual Screen Android Phone

Submitted by adeelarshad82
adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes "Sprint recently introduced the Kyocera Echo, the only dual screen phone in the U.S. The Nintendo DSi look-a-like phone is running Android 2.2 and the 4.7 inch screen is built for multitasking. A handful of built-in apps let you surf the web while writing an e-mail or pick a photo and toss it to Facebook, or mess with your YouTube queue while watching YouTube. The Echo lets you flip between different tabs and tasks much more easily than on a non-multitasking phone. Unfortunately though, the hardware may bring the phone down. Echo is running a single-core, 1-GHz Qualcomm QSD8255 processor. That chip, running Android, typically handles one application at a time, not two. The Echo is also pushing more pixels than any Android smartphone, or even than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, with the same class of GPU. Battery life may also be an issue; with both the screens running full blast. The Echo is expected to hit the market in spring."

+ - Obama calling for 53B$ for High Speed Rail->

Submitted by Antisyzygy
Antisyzygy (1495469) writes "President Obama is calling for 53B dollars to be appropriated for the construction of high-speed rail in the United States over the next 6 years. Assuming Congress approves this plan, the funding would be spent on developing and/or improving trains that travel at approximately 250 miles/hour, as well as spent on connecting existing rail lines to new developed high speed lines."
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+ - Feds Still Spy On Citizens->

Submitted by Khopesh
Khopesh (112447) writes "Too often, we've seen U.S. Intelligence agencies whose actions are cloaked in secrecy until someone uncovers governmental abuse that places innocent people under surveillance or on watchlists. It's truly scary to ponder how much more stays hidden. NetworkWorld recently got the chance to interview FBI Agent-turned ACLU Councel Mike German to get a thorough perspective from an insider who was fed up enough with those policies to quit his 16-year career and pick up as Policy Counsel on National Security, Immigration and Privacy for the ACLU. DailyTech has a nice overview of the story."
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+ - Why HP might (ultimately) ditch WebOS for Android->

Submitted by GMGruman
GMGruman (1254692) writes "On Wednesday, HP will unveil its grand WebOS strategy, 10 months after buying Palm and going largely silent on its mobile strategy. WebOS does let HP stand out in the smartphone crowd, but it also makes HP the odd man out. But an Android strategy could better play to HP's strengths honed in the commodity PC business, which the Android market is increasingly resembling, argues InfoWorld's Galen Gruman."
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