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+ - Top 20 Apps for an Infinitely Fast Computer-> 5

Submitted by
Twinbee writes "What would you do if you had access to an infinitely fast computer with infinite memory and zero latency? The question has rarely been asked before, but the implications could prove interesting. Some of the applications include more obvious things such as weather prediction, and games featuring incredible path-traced graphics with worlds made from molecules. But more subtle ideas explore what a programming language may look like, how graphics creation may fundamentally change, and the chance to use sheer brute force to find a Grand Unified Theory for the universe."
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Comment: Re:A good translation for default to other languag (Score 1) 339

by PearsSoap (#28449965) Attached to: On the Humble Default

In French, it's usually par defaut, which is unsurprising considering the number of words we share.

The etymology of the word is more apparent in French: it can be understood as de faute, literally "by lack [of something better/else]". You could translate the whole thing as "because of lacking-of-something-betterness".

Comment: Re:True story .... (Score 1) 677

No, that's just indicative of lazy teachers. Since most humans are lazy and all teachers are human, this is to be expected.

Let's check that with a tableau.

1. âfx (H(x) -> L(x))


2. âx (T(x) -> H(x))


3. ~âfx (H(x) -> L(x))


4. (H(a) -> L(a)) (1. âf)


5. âx~(H(x) -> L(x)) (3. ~âf)


6. ~(H(a) -> L(a)) (4. âx)

Yep, your argument appears valid. (Of course, the conclusion won't be true unless the premises are).


NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory Mission Fails 325

Posted by timothy
from the couldn't-make-it-through-all-the-soot dept.
jw3 writes "The NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory scheduled for launch today has failed its mission: the payload fairing failed to separate and the launch managers declared a contingency. George Diller, NASA launch commentator, said, 'It either did not separate or did not separate in the way that it should, but at any rate we're still trying to evaluate exactly what the status of the spacecraft is at this point.'" Update: 02/24 14:17 GMT by T : Reader fadethepolice points out a Reuters report which says that the craft crashed into the ocean just short of Antarctica.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Early Killzone 2 Reviews Looking Good 140

Posted by Soulskill
from the console-exclusivity-wars dept.
Reviews are beginning to appear for Guerrilla Games' upcoming first-person shooter, Killzone 2, a PS3 exclusive that has received a great deal of hype over the past several months. The reviews are mostly complimentary, but not overwhelmingly so; Ars Technica says it has "some of the best graphics yet seen on the PS3," and is a "solid take on the war-gaming genre." They also acknowledge that this is the latest game being held up as a standard for how good PS3 games can be, though the PS3 may not need such validation anymore. Edge Magazine is critical of the story, saying, "you could play the levels in random order to little ill-effect," but found the gameplay redeeming enough to warrant a 7/10. Concerns were raised early about the quality of the controls, but Guerrilla Games has affirmed that no changes will be made. Though the game won't be out for about a week yet, rumors of some fairly typical DLC plans are already cropping up. Giant Bomb recorded some video showcasing Killzone 2's multiplayer a while back.

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