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Comment: The Crisis is Only for the Little People (Score -1, Troll) 784

by Pauldow (#46983581) Attached to: Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans As Antarctic Ice Melts

Like the Blogfather over at Instapundit always says:

I'll believe there's a crisis,
When the people who are saying there's a crisis,
Start acting like there's a crisis.

Until then, I don't want to hear a damn thing about my carbon footprint while the President sends a couple C-5 planes before any trip he makes, along with two 747's, and dozens of ground vehicles.

Comment: We Need a Nuclear Coffee Pot (Score 1) 769

by Pauldow (#46393209) Attached to: The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

I used to work for a company that made nuclear power plants. One morning while waiting for the coffee pot, I calculated that if you took the secondary side steam (not the radioactive loop) our design would make enough hot water to make a cup of coffee for every person in the country each day.
I didn't figure out the distribution issue though.

Comment: You Are Paying for TV With Internet Only Service (Score 1) 223

by Pauldow (#45175037) Attached to: Are Cable Subscribers Subsidizing Internet-Only TV Viewers?

I dropped TV services when the digital OTA change took place. I get about 30 programs, although some are duplicate. I couldn't take paying for bringing all that paid programming into my house. Besides the shopping channels, too much is just 1/2 hour commercials. I especially didn't like paying such a huge amount for ESPN, NESN, and YES.
Have you looked at what your internet service includes? All cable/DSL/FIOS/uVerse services include ESPN3, Music Choice and Nick Jr. Boost for "Free!". Nothing is free. You're paying for TV, even if you don't use it.
My Cox 5 Mbps internet only is going up 14% next month to $49. They know they're losing TV and phone customers. There's nothing else available except satellite with low caps. Even if I could get DSL in my area, AT&T stays with a couple dollars of the cable rate. I use an old Ooma, so phone is still free, but I need internet.

Comment: Re:another ex-Sprinter here (Score 1) 207

by Pauldow (#44424749) Attached to: Sprint May Have Unlimited Data Plans, But Not Unlimited Customers

I had the TouchPro2 on a $30 SERO plan. Windows API services were shut down well before by 2 year contract expired. I changed the phone to Android, but it would often lock up just trying to answer a call. Even though I have Sprint towers 4 miles to my north and south, I could very rarely complete a call. Forget about data. I was provided with an Airrave for the $4.50/month fee. I could upgrade to a LTE phone, but that would have locked me into another 2 years, raise my rate from $30 to $50/month, and my calls and data would still be going through my Airrave on the internet line I pay for anyway.
I bought a Verizon Droid 4 off of Craigslist for $80. Replaced the glass on it, got the software changed to Cyanogenmod, and got it running on PagePlus. There for $30/month I get 1200 min, 300 texts, 500 MB data and it runs on the Verizon network.
The triple bad news for Sprint is two of my neighbors now can't make Sprint calls since they were hitting my Airrave.

Comment: NTSB Power Grab Never Ends (Score 1) 996

by Pauldow (#43724369) Attached to: NTSB Recommends Lower Drunk Driving Threshold Nationwide: 0.05 BAC

The NTSB won't be satisfied until everyone is off the streets. They keep increasing their power grab by going after the largest cause of death, but once they get that, there will always be another reason for the most number of deaths for them to go after. It never ends with the government increasing their control over us.

Comment: Re:White House Fees for Electric Planes (Score 1) 239

by Pauldow (#39875047) Attached to: Electric Airplane Ready For Production

The biggest hurdle is that the Obama White House wants to put a $100 per flight fee on any electric aircraft flight within controlled airspace in the US. Uncontrolled airspace is defined as the area below 1200' above the ground. It's 700' above the ground in higher congested areas. In sparsely populated areas of the western US there are areas where uncontrolled airspace goes up to 18,000 feet, but the bottom line is that almost all of the places any aircraft flies is considered controlled.
The way FAA regulations are written is that everything is prohibited unless it is specifically allowed. The Obama White House proposes to have that $100 fee per flight on all flights except those operated by the government or ambulances. There is also an exception (for now) for piston powered aircraft. That means that the $100 per flight fee applies not only to jets, but it applies to electric aircraft, gliders and hot air balloons.
Page 33 of the file = page 23 on the numbered pages.

Comment: Re:WebOS is staying on my TouchPad (Score 1) 96

by Pauldow (#37755878) Attached to: Installing Android On an HP TouchPad

HP still has an interest in keeping up some WebOS development, since they are looking for someone to buy the operating system. Shutting down everything would reduce the value too much, so a bit of investment is needed to maintain the software, plus keep some of the development team intact so any potential buyer can have that knowledge base transferred.

Comment: OK for Government, but Not Private Industry (Score 2) 90

by Pauldow (#36454974) Attached to: Franken Bill Would Protect Consumers Location Data

So they want to restrict private companies from collecting and sharing someone's location data, yet the federal government is planning on implementing a rule that requires someone flying in a private plane to have a verified and approved security threat before they will prevent the government's location tracking to be made public.
This is referred to as the TMZ bill since it will allow paparazzi to know the location of celebrities. It will also allow companies to learn where their competitor's aircraft are.

There's just one more step before toll transponder information is made public too.

Comment: Practical for the Right Application (Score 1) 78

by Pauldow (#35598054) Attached to: Big Buzz For $60,000 Electric Flight Prize

Burt Rutan had comments about this at last year's EAA Convention.
He recommended that the next step be an electric plane with a special purpose design for doing aerobatics in air shows.
A standard act is only about 15 minutes, which is within the current practical power design restrictions.
Burt stated that propeller drives didn't need to be only put on the front or back of the plane inline with the forward motion. Smaller propellers with motors could be put on the wing tips and/or tail to create unique aerobatics.

Back to my point of view:
Throughout aviation history, it's the engine that drives aircraft innovation:
The Wright Flyer wouldn't have existed without Charles Taylor's lightweight engine.
The P&W R-2800 Double Wasp enabled many aircraft designs from the B-26, P-47 and Douglas DC-6
The P-51 wasn't the success without the Merlin engine.
The 747 couldn't have existed without the high-bypass turbofan.
The 777 wouldn't exist without the huge power engines.
The 787 and any future airliner design wouldn't exist without an engine with better fuel economy.

Comment: Life Imitates the Simpsons (Score 1) 237

by Pauldow (#34855836) Attached to: Microsoft To Disable Windows Phone 7 Unlocking
This is exactly the same thing that happened to Homer's internet company, Compu-global-hyper-mega-net. From: Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net is Homer's Internet company. The company's headquarters is the dining room of 742 Evergreen Terrace. It is never made clear what the company sells or offers, however Microsoft's Bill Gates still buys out the company. After Homer received the wrong mail that was meant to go to Flanders since he started an online Internet service homer read and researched the "Internet" he told Marge they were behind in the world of tech and they started a computer company that was destroyed by billionaire Bill Gates when he said "Well I don't get rich by writing a lot of checks," then he told his goons to "buy him out boys" but when Homer got his hopes up the goons started smashing everything and he and Marge were trapped in the corner of their living room as people destroyed everything they worked for.

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