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also, the kind of philanthropy and charity they usually indulge in wouldn't "get them into heaven" anyways. microsoft office donations to schools was designed to lock kids into using their software from an early age. large scale donations to universities and such are done on the condition that the construction company they own does the work. all such folks generally feed the poor, but keep them reliant on handouts instead of empowering them. and all of the mentioned tend to give them tax credits so its not like they really lose money on doing this stuff. I'm sure you all could find a lot more if you really want to start digging.

Comment: after selling out, he can just buyback later (Score 1) 911

by Pathoth (#39976743) Attached to: Facebook Co-Founder Saverin Gives Up U.S. Citizenship Before IPO
foreigners who invest 500,000$ plus, buy property worth that much, create jobs, etc. can become U.S. citizens. to a billionaire, that peanuts, and probably alot less than some of his taxes! USCIS Immigrant investor VISA after he sells his citizenship, he can probably buy it back anytime.

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