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Comment: Really don't like this trend (Score 3, Interesting) 469

by Paspanique (#35452918) Attached to: Gamer Banned From <em>Dragon Age II</em> Over Forum Post

I was also banned from my steam account because paypal choose a transaction I've made with Valve to check my identity. Their system was faulty and after confirmation(Phone calls to land line and CC verification), It took several phone calls & more than a week of back & forth to get everything in order.

Mean while, I lost access to all the games under my Steam account because Paypal stopped 1 payment & I had this account for 4 years. I had almost 20 games in my Library & couldn't play them until paypal released my money. Sure, I understand they wanted to be paid, but having total control over 20 of my games is really frightful.

It took me almost 2 years before I bought another steam games & honestly, if I can avoid using this kind of system, I will. I rather have a boxed DVD than letting someone have total control over something I paid for... I mean it's not like I don't know how to get the games for free...but I don't pirate because I feel it's wrong, and this is how they thank you... Anyhow

Comment: Re:Ok Pretty Neat (Score 1) 110

by Paspanique (#35301554) Attached to: Iran Claims Two New Supercomputers

What do you think that cloud computing is and why they hope to see it flourish? You plug-in your 100$ interface directly to the net and connect to giant supra computers giving you access to data you can legally own.

  This way, it will be easier to control what you watch or play, make sure you pay your dues to the MPAA and the likes. Plus, no need to download data, everything is centralized, all they exchange are images of your session. They will need faster pipes to allow movies & video games to be seamless, but I'm pretty sure they are working hard on it. I think it's the only way they will have full control over people data and will eventually want to use it.

Of course, we'll probably always be able to use rogue hot spot to get into the matrix...but that's another story.

Comment: Re:More walled gardens anyone? (Score 1) 194

by Paspanique (#35172858) Attached to: Will the Apple TV Become a Gaming Platform?

Personally I would not use anything Apple related after my Itune/Ipod experience, their product is not meant for me, I know that now. But I would not mind having more competition in the gaming industry, whatever it takes to drive innovation and improvement. Any market is in danger if it has too few of choices. You can hate their products, as I do , but you can't minimize the probable positive impact they would bring.

Comment: All the time (Score 1) 286

by Paspanique (#35143498) Attached to: Only 39% Curse At Their Computers?

I use to also hit, and hit hard when I was a teen. You should see what the Sega master system looked like, all the plastic was gone. Broke many keyboards from playing UT and Quake.

I had a bad temper...I still do, I can just control myself now , and I just curse. Especially of that f*&@(*@ Ipod & it's ridiculous Itune. I hate it so much. Every day I remind myself how I should just jail break its ass, still don't know why I didn't do it yet. Can I just drag & drop stuff and if it's not on my computer,leave it on the Ipod and just leave me the *(%^ alone and just play the xvid/divx format already. Anyway, this was my first ever apple product...and it's certainly the last one.

Comment: TFA important point (Score 1) 255

by Paspanique (#34998540) Attached to: Third of Content On Popular BT Portals Are Fake

I think the fact that 100 users are responsible for 75% of the traffic & 66% of the total "real" BT content is a much more interesting fact from TFA .The fact that torrents have also a fare share of fakes, that are combed out anyway by the communities, is just expected and should not be an issue for slightly experienced BT users.

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