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Submission + - Online Multiplayer is Under Threat->

Parz writes: "This article looks at a growing trend from developers that emerged out of E3 2009, where they looked to ditch the multiplayer component of their titles to focus on the single player. This is a result of a handful of big name games taking two much of the online player pool, and developers of other titles not seeing the value in trying to compete in that space."
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Submission + - Geo-mod 2.0 Huge Success->

Parz writes: "Gameplayer has just gone live with the first online review of Red Faction: Guerrilla, the latest instalment in Volition's famous Mars-set Sci-fi action series. They go in-depth on what the new iteration of the developer's Geo-mod engine brings to the table, praising the excellent world destruction — "We can't talk highly enough about the quality of the world destruction in Red Faction: Guerrilla and the fact that Volition has got it all working in a sandbox, unscripted environment with explosions going off everywhere with rarely a frame-rate hitch at all is worth a standing ovation from any discerning gamer." — Full review inside."
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Submission + - How the Xbox 720 Could Outdo Blu-ray->

Parz writes: ""So you thought the 50GB capacity of Blu-ray was pretty impressive? Well, in 2007 it most certainly was but darn it if the crazy world of media storage doesn't race along at a Speedy Gonzales rate. Here we are only two years after the PS3 hit Aussie shores alongside Sony's spirited push of the Blu-Ray format and already 50GB is looking piss weak. Well it does in the face of an announcement from scientists at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne anyway, who have revealed a technique which has the potential to offer 12TBs of storage capacity on a DVD.""
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Submission + - Messed Up Glitches in Games Round 2->

Parz writes: "After the popularity of their first look at classic glitches which have made their way into commercial game releases, gameplayer has discovered another run of dodgy QA performances, shaming some of the best developers going around for your amusement. Videos reveal each of the glitches: how many have you encountered?"
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Submission + - Why Exclusives are Feeding the Hate->

Parz writes: "The recent announcement that the upcoming Ghostbusters game will be a timed PlayStation exclusive in PAL territories — revealed a mere month before release — has set a nasty precedent which could have long term repercussions for the industry. This Gameplayer article explores how this generation of gaming has spiralled into a tit for tat war on third-party exclusivity deals instigated by Sony and Microsoft, and the effect it is having on the psychology of the consumers."
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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - 2010 in PC Gaming->

Parz writes: "We know exactly what you're thinking. It's not even halfway through 2009 and we're already telling you gaming folk what to look forward to in 2010. You may think it's crazy, but you don't have to delve too far into our Hottest 60 Games of 2009 article to realise that a fair chunk of those titles have already been released. While we still may yet have some quality titles yet to see the light of gaming day later this year, that shouldn't (and won't) stop us from having a look into the crystal ball and seeing what we have on offer in 2010.

Now it's time to delve into what lovers of the keyboard/mouse combo can expect to be gracing their computer screens next year. We've picked ten of the hottest titles on offer and the only problem is that we still have far too many months in between gaming now and gaming then. — from gameplayer"

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Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Classic Console Commercials->

Parz writes: "Guess what? Game companies want you to buy their machines. Surprised? Well, of course not, but the ways in which they've gone about enticing you to buy their products over the years makes for a fascinating journey. We thought we'd take a look back at exactly how they got us excited for the next big thing — how they introduced us to each exciting new step in the evolution of video gaming. To do this we have decided to dig-up the old television commercials that inspired generations of gamers to plug in, boot up and get lost in worlds only limited by the imagination. Some ads were funny, some weird and some clever — there were even those that outright attacked the competition. So, sit back and rub that nostalgia bone until you go 'ohhh'. — from gameplayer"
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Submission + - Welcome to Gaming Hell->

Parz writes: ""Welcome, recently deceased! As the more perceptive among you may have already realised, you are in HELL. Also, as you can no doubt tell from my big shiny name tag, I am your tour guide imp and my name is "Gore Doer" — but you can all call me 'Gordy', if you'd like. We try to keep things informal down here, as well as infernal...

Alright. Those among you who just giggled at that last pathetic attempt at humor please leave the line, remove your pants and form a new queue in front of that large demon with the mud crabs and the burning stick. I have a special punishment reserved for people who find shitty 'dad jokes' hilarious.

Now, to the rest of you first timers, let me be the first to issue you a super warm welcome to the Ironic Punishment Department of Hades. Basically, we're going to take your greatest love in life and slowly twist it into an excruciating, unending nightmare that will destroy your very soul — just like marriage, without the option of divorce...

YOU! Yeah, you. The guy who just chuckled and nodded. De-pants yourself and go join the other line.

Okey doke, the basic idea here is to expose you lovely folks to the various layers of Video Gamer Hell. These include Vapid Visuals, Shocking Sound, Grueling Gameplay, Masochistic Multiplayer, Craptacular Controls, and Horrendous Hardware. — from gameplayer"

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Submission + - 2009 Games Slipping to 2010->

Parz writes: "From gameplayer — "Games slip. In fact this generation release dates have been slipping with such ease you wonder whether they're coated with Clark Griswold's non-caloric, silicon-based, kitchen lubricant. The big hitters are not exempt either. The likes of Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gears Solid 4 were amongst those who disappointed their eager fans... initially at least. We went though the list of games branded with loose TBA 2009 dates and hand picked those that have made a bleep on our slipdar for reasons explained within. Pencil these down on your Christmas list kids, don't pen 'em!""
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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Fallout 3 DLC Goes Box Copy->

Parz writes: "Good news for Fallout 3 fans who would like to get their hands on the Fallout 3 DLC without signing up to Windows Live. Gameplayer are reporting that a retail box copy version of Fallout 3's DLC will be released under the name 'Quest Pack 1'. It will not be available for PS3, only Xbox and PC, even in box form. There is also information regarding Atari picking up the distribution rights to Bethesda in the Pacific. Fallout 3 has been a massive success for Bethesda, gaining the site's Best in Genre award, but has been heavily criticised for the manner of its DLC distribution."
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Submission + - Dummy birthdates for WW2/Nam vets: Govt IT bungles->

teflon_king writes: The Australian Dept of Veterans affairs has spent over $37 million implementing a new IT system for veterans. But they didn't get the right birth dates into the system for all the veterans. Over 26 thousand veterans had dummy data inserted as their birth date: 23 Sept 1920 for WWII vets and 23 Sept 1950 for Vietnam vets. A government audit office report has identified the dummy birth dates as well as a range of other problems. This one's worth reading. Just like Million Dollar Baby, when you think it cannot get any worse, it does.
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Submission + - BioShock 2 Interview and First Look->

Parz writes: "Gameplayer went to 2K Marin's San Francisco Studio to see the official unveiling of highly anticipated sequel BioShock 2. They've gone live with a report on what they saw of the game (which includes 8 new screenshots and a gameplay trailer) as well as an interview with the Lead Level Architect from the development team."
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Submission + - World Exclusive: Hands-on with MotionPlus->

Parz writes: "In winter Nintendo will be releasing a peripheral called MotionPlus. This small device attaches to the bottom of the Wii-mote and acts as a more sophisticated motion-sensor to the controller as it currently stands. Its goal is to bring greater parity between a user's movements and the animations that they bring to life on-screen. Gameplayer is the first in the world to go hands-on with the device and they are extremely impressed — they have detailed their experience in this article."
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Submission + - Tim Schafer Interview->

Parz writes: "Gameplayer has scored a lengthy interview with the legendary Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions. With a gameography that includes The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, Tim Schafer is about to follow-up the much-loved Psychonauts with Brütal Legend. This interview focuses on that upcoming project as well as his general views on game development."
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