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Comment Re:Real Reason Kids Use Text Messaging... (Score 2) 444

Yeah, I don't agree with that. As someone else said, text messaging has more to do with convenience. You can send an receive texts during class, dinner, meeting (rude), or wherever. More generally, I would say that texting is the preferred alternative when you don't want to interrupt what you are doing to communicate with a person. Suppose you just want to say one thing to them -- something funny, something about what you're currently doing. Instead of calling them and taking your attention (and that of everybody who's with you) away from what you're in the process of doing, and also interrupting them, you just text. It's that simple. Besides, quite often you text because you don't actually want to have a long conversation with them. You just want to say one thing (and maybe talk about it LATER), not get dragged into a full-length discussion. So you text. Generally, if I find myself in a text conversation that lasts more than 2-3 send/receives, I stop texting and just dial.

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