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Comment: Re:Hackers are the new Rock Stars (Score 1) 195

by Papaspud (#45867331) Attached to: Hacker Barnaby Jack Died of Drug Overdose
As some one that was heavily involved with drugs 20 years ago, I know for a fact that people that might rat, or owe too much money are sometimes given what is called a hotshot. The overdose kills them and the police don't really investigate- heck just another druggie ODing, why should they care. It is the perfect way to kill some one and get away with it.

Comment: Brainwashed masses (Score 0) 234

by Papaspud (#45862995) Attached to: Even After NSA Leaks, Government Still Trusted Over Private Firms
Just goes to show how effective the propaganda we are fed from birth is. We can't change the values that we were taught as right or wrong, and the government has programmed us to be little cheerleaders from cradle to grave. At least when a private corp screws us we have SOME legal recourse, when the government decides to fuck you, might as well bend over- unless you are very rich.

+ - Peer reviews not working as intended?->

Submitted by Papaspud
Papaspud (2562773) writes "According to the author, the process of peer review isn't working very well. She quotes a study which shows that 47 out of 53 major medical studies were flawed, and couldn't be reliably repeated.
  Is this due to the pressure put on scientists to publish or die, or is it just the good old boy network, passing each others reviews? Any slashdotters have experience in this?
  Read the whole article for a nice insight to the process."

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