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Comment Not a very accurate article summary. (Score 1) 397 397

1. GOG is not an indie game store. It started out as a classic game store and is now a full-blooded game store.
2. GOG doesn't mean Good Old Games anymore, they changed their name to "only" GOG when they started selling new games as well as the classics.

Comment Re:So tell me ... (Score 1) 258 258

I spent my youth playing football (or I guess I should say soccer here at /.). And being a lefty on a soccerfield has it's benefits. Most players would try to pass their opponent on their strong side, which vs a samehanded opponent equals their weak side. Since most players are righthanded they fell into my "trap" over and over.

Comment Overclocked it to death (Score 1) 317 317

So, what category does that go into? But I got some other old stuff, like two Amiga 500's. One of them is overclocked, swapped out the stock cpu with one that's rated for higher Mhz and doubled the clock. To bad the I/O chip tries to write to the floppy drive at twice the speed too. Works great besides not being able to write hehe.

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