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Comment: Printer parts...? (Score 1) 200

by Palidase (#38386040) Attached to: How 3D Printing Could Help Keep the ISS In Orbit
I am trying to figure out whether this really solves the problem, or just moves it. The idea establishes the printer as being a fairly critical component. However in the event of failure, it would obviously not be available to generate spares. So, would an inventory of spares need to be generated on arrival, along with the requisite storage space, or would repairs rely on a delivery...

Comment: Not sure I believe it yet.... (Score 1) 237

by Palidase (#36117022) Attached to: Comcast Helps Fix Pirate Bay Connection Problems
I am not sure that we have the entire story yet, on either side. From the Serious Tubes website:

Important news:
Comcast did not help us fix The Pirate Bay. The problem was GBLX using reverse path filtering. We shut down one of our transits because it was flapping. The result was that all outgoing traffic to GBLX got filtered even though the packets took the same path as before. The Pirate Bay is using different paths for incoming and outgoing traffic to avoid beeing traced. We don’t even know where their servers are. We resolved the issue by activating our other transit again.

Comment: Re:Well written book, but it left me disappointed (Score 1) 122

by Palidase (#29359007) Attached to: The Magicians

I read this a few weeks ago. While I actually enjoyed the writing and the basis for the storyline, I am still not sure how I felt about reading the book.

It may be a bad comparison, but I liken it to watching Schindler's List for the first time. It was an excellent film, but I didn't know how to describe my emotion when I was done watching.

For me, The Magicians was very similar to that. I also enjoy reading to revel in the escape. Despite the content and genre, you don't really get to escape in this book. Instead, reality is right... there...

PlayStation (Games)

+ - Examining the (poor) state of Linux on the PS3

Submitted by Steve
Steve (754160) writes "HEXUS.gaming's Jo Shields has been investigating the usability of several Linux distributions with PS3 compatibility. However, despite the fact Sony has provided (some level of) support for 3rd party Operating Systems on the PS3, it appears that nobody has yet delivered an easy to use, fully functional solution:

Not a single distro maintained a consistent, high-quality experience from installation to prolonged use. None of them are usable by your grandmother, or in most cases, by you [the PS3 owner]. For the experienced Linux hacker, it's probably possible to beat some sense into these distributions (with Xubuntu probably closest to useful, when combined with the Petitboot boot loader used by openSUSE). But it's not a good choice — simply the least bad.

+ - Social Networking for the Over 50s->

Submitted by
Placid writes "The BBC website has an article detailing the recent release of a social networking website for the over 50s.

The Saga Zone site was developed by the Saga Group, based in Folkestone, Kent, which specialises in products and services for the over-50s.
Some 13,000 people signed up to the site, which includes forums on subjects from gardening tips to relationship advice, in a trial four months ago.
The article also states that the oldest member is 87 years old, and that over-50s account for 30% of time spent online in the UK. Don't know about yours, but my parents can just about use a web browser..."

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+ - Heaviest black hole ever found->

Submitted by
Lucas123 writes "Astronomers say they've discovered a black hole whose mass of 24 to 33 times that of our sun defies current theories to explain its formation. The hole is located in the nearby dwarf galaxy IC 10, 1.8 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Cassiopeia. The dead star from which the hole could have derived is estimated to have had a mass of about 60 or more solar masses."
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+ - Linux on PLAYSTATION 3 - Where do we stand?->

Submitted by
directhex writes "It's been a while since the first release of GNU/Linux for Sony's PLAYSTATION 3. Does it make the console a compelling purchase, a cheap blu-ray-and-games-playing Linux workstation — or is it a complete flop? HEXUS.net takes a look at PS3 Linux, and three distributions which attempt to bring user-friendly Linux onto the machine: Xubuntu 7.10, openSUSE 10.3, and Yellow Dog 5.0.1. Which will come out as the most functional and easiest to get going with?"
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