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Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 571

I agree. During the day I think they are absolutely worthless, your sight distance is your indicator. At night, one would assume they indicate that "if you see no headlights ahead, you've got room to pass". You don't necessarily. So, if they're not needed during the day, and untrustworthy at night, what purpose do they serve?

Comment Re:nonsense. (Score 1) 289

Maybe you can, most of us can't. The closest I can get is a phone line with no services (including no local service) for $5 and then put a DSL line on top of that. Even local calls are billed per minute. I have nothing hooked up to it, but it's a phone line for my DSL and my account number = phone number. If I hook a phone up to it and call that number, it will ring.

Comment Re:Let's explore an analogy to electric power (Score 1) 68

I would love this. Our electric co-op is asked about this regularly, and I'm one of the ones that ask. They already have the customer base, the easements for running lines, and a large amount of the infrastructure work done. This is how electricity made it out to the rural areas back in the early days, and for large parts of of the country, co-op's still run the electric distribution. Some co-ops have started "trials" to provide internet, but ours still says it's not profitable and they are "watching other co-ops to see how viable it is".

Comment Re:If you have HDMI, you should have wired Interne (Score 1) 68

How do you figure this? I can buy a "sufficiently large display that takes HDMI input" at any big box store or on Amazon, take in my car anywhere I want, including my cabin in the woods if I'm so inclined. I can't buy an "internet connection with a wired last mile" and put it where I want. Huge areas of the US are not covered by high speed internet providers, which is why the prevelance of satellite internet exists. It's also a big reason people like myself would love to have the ability to get a large block of bandwidth over my cellular carrier, which provides far better connectivity than the joke of a DSL provider I DO have access to. I'm at least fortunate enough to have DSL, even if it will barely stream a youtube clip.

Comment Re:ENough Bullshit. It Definitely Can Be Free (Score 1) 398

When the internet started, yes, everything was free. It was also almost entirely educational institutions and hobbyists. These things don't scale. Yes I can provide free e-mail to my friends and family, but I can't give it to everyone. As more "consumers" joined the web, it became a lot more one sided. Most people on the internet now provide nothing of value to the internet. I can provide a free product (say facebook, google, drop box, etc) when I can handle the load off of one computer. When demand grows, I either have to shut it off or monetize it, I can't continue to give it away when the demand for my product requires a million dollar server farm on every continent.

To provide a car analogy:
I can give my friend a ride to work for free every day so he has no need to have a car. I might even be able to work a couple more friends in. But eventually, I either have to charge for the ride and become a full time taxi service, or start saying no.

Comment Re: Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 1) 391

It's common to have polarity, but not directionality. It's always been common to have them denoted in some way (usually a white stripe on the jacket, or gold/silver wire, etc). This denotes your "common" and your "signal" (alternating). Polarity is different than directionality. The arrow would indicate that a signal travels through better one way than another, which would mean your cable is acting as a diode. If that doesn't fail spec I don't know what would.

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