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Submission + - She married a geek: My custom binary wedding ring->

Pacifix writes: "Rather than the typical gold band, my new wife encouraged me to pick something unique and meaningful to me. The result: a custom, titanium ring inscribed with binary that proclaims our love to those elite few who can decode it. Subtle, but geeky. Also, it may be the one ring to rule all the geeks, I'm not sure yet."
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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Multi-Gigabit Wireless To Make Wires Obsolete->

Invisible Pink Unicorn writes: "Researchers at Georgia Tech are investigating the use of extremely high radio frequencies to achieve broad-bandwidth and high data transmission rates over short distances, eliminating the need for wired connections in offices and data centers. Within as little as three years, multi-gigabit wireless approach could result in next generation home multimedia and wireless data connections able to transfer an entire DVD in seconds. From ScienceDaily: 'The research focuses on RF frequencies around 60 gigahertz (GHz), which are currently unlicensed — free for anyone to use — in the United States. GEDC researchers have already achieved wireless data-transfer rates of 15 gigabits per second (Gbps) at a distance of 1 meter, 10 Gbps at 2 meters and 5 Gbps at 5 meters. At 10 Gbps, you could download a DVD from a kiosk to your cell phone in five seconds, or you could quickly synchronize two laptops or two iPods.'"
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Submission + - Bell Expressvu pulls ads from DH due to article.

An anonymous reader writes: Bell Expressvu (Canadian DTH satellite provider) pulls their ads from Digital Home over an article that highlighted the yet to be officially announced Mpeg 4 receiver lineup. The reason, fear that the article will hurt future sales of their current (obsolete) HD receivers which are still being pushed onto unknowing customers.

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Submission + - Mis-use of the Patriot Act at the Univ of Portland

An anonymous reader writes: In the name of civil rights and the mis-use of the Patriot Act and the University of Portland. A student was suspended, many others fined or censored, and student and faculty email was searched. You should check out this link and follow your nose: rmation_Services_Uses_Patriot_Act_Against_Students log.html

Submission + - Encouraging Students to Drop Mathematics

Coryoth writes: "The BBC is reporting that students in the UK are being encouraged to drop math at the senior levels. It seems that schools are seeking to boost their standing on league tables by encouraging students not to take "hard" subjects like mathematics, in favour of easier subjects in which they are assured good grades. The result is Universities being forced to provide remedial math classes for science students who haven't done math for two years. The BBC provides a comparison between Chinese and UK university entrance tests — a comparison that makes the UK look woefully behind. Is the UK slipping behind in science education?"

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