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Comment: Bogus Reviews (Score 0) 126 126

I've noticed authors with competing books will use "reviews" to bad-mouth a book and promote their own book. I've also noticed that when a conservative publishes an excellent book with, say, 35 5-star reviews, there will be a few 1-star reviews that claim the book is terrible, presumably posted by left-wing operatives trying to kill sales of the book.

Comment: Perhaps Eva Braun and Dr. Mengele could help. (Score 1) 697 697

Intentionally bringing an evolutionary throwback into the world is an act of scientific sadism. Imagine yourself a child unable to fit it, and then learning that you were instantiated merely to satisfy a sociopath's curiosity. Have we returned to the 1930s?

Comment: Can't have that (Score 1) 132 132

Google repatriating its profits without the Federal Government taxing them away? Heaven forfend! If untaxed, Google's money would just be invested in the American private sector, where it would create jobs. Or it might be lent to the Federal Government. Can't have that. After all, it's better for workers not to find jobs, to depend on the government (i.e., the American taxpayers). And it's better for the Federal Government to borrow capital from China and other countries with America's best interests at heart.

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.