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Comment: membership fee or kiosk at makerspaces (Score 1) 314

by PW2 (#48822239) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing

I'll also miss the buy-it-now option for small parts

Instead of disappearing, maybe they can try one more time by making RS small-part kiosks at makerspaces, staffed by makerspace members who use some of the money they get to cover the cost of monthly dues for the makerspace.

Comment: Re:Exit node malware coming soon (Score 1) 285

by PW2 (#42081383) Attached to: "Anonymous" File-Sharing Darknet Ruled Illegal By German Court

I can't moderate from Win 7 Ultimate I.E. 9 and my current slashdot config -- I get the dropdown boxes -- they don't auto-submit -- there's no [moderate] button at the bottom of the page -- I'll try installing another web-browser sometime if I really need to moderate a message

Comment: Re:Virtualize (Score 1) 142

by PW2 (#37778430) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Computer Test Lab Set-Up For Home?

I agree with building a computer with 8GB or more of memory.

I use VirtualBox for my home test system and set the disk image to be written to a 16GB Ram Drive -- this makes it very fast to format and load a new guest OS from ISO or DVD -- I usually set and name the disk images in VirtualBox to be 4GB or 10GB in size. I back up the disk images off-site and on a small raid5 server, and have one local copy in a folder called "ComputerStore" -- set up a shared folder (and network share to something like C:\vshare\readonly, C:\vshare\readwrite for work you need to save)

Windows Ram Drives -- google:
superspeed ram drive
drdataram ram drive
softperfect ram drive

Comment: Re:Does the US Get It Yet? (Score 1) 292

by PW2 (#27839833) Attached to: Backlash Builds Against US Copyright Blacklist

>> We seem to think that in WWII we singlehandedly A) ... B) ... C) ... etc

I've never met a person in the US that made those claims that we "singlehandedly" did any of those things. Even if you have met such a clown, it wouldn't represent the other 300k people here in a way that justifies the word "we".

You may need to go on a diet, because you're pulling too much out of your plump ass.

Comment: Re:Under 60: Health and Suicide (Score 2, Interesting) 575

by PW2 (#27718115) Attached to: To What Age Do You Expect To Live?

I have a light version of Crohn's and know where every bathroom in the city is. Lot's of coffee in the morning helps make afternoons a little more predictable. I did have 105degree fevers until my doctors discovered it, sent me to the hospital for a week and stopped feeding me sulpha based medicine.

In my case, they want to avoid surgery.

Is surgery an option in your case, just before the euthanasia option is completed? I know surgery can be risky, but in that situation, it may be worth trying first (even if its a little experimental)?

Comment: fixed: (Score 1) 109

by PW2 (#26804055) Attached to: Putting On a Show For the Google Streetview Camera

Comment: Re:Slashdotted (Score 1) 109

by PW2 (#26804005) Attached to: Putting On a Show For the Google Streetview Camera

HEAD CRASH!! FILES LOST!! Details at 11.