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Comment: Re:Updates to story (Score 2) 358

by PTrumpet (#35428612) Attached to: Trumpet Winsock Creator Made Little Money

He is not suing anyone. Not everything involves someone getting sued. No-one is getting sued here.

Why else would you need amnesty? Why else would he be extending "amnesty" only until a certain date? Which, by the way, is not amnesty. It's a grace period. Hope this helps.

call it what you will, just a gesture to remove any doubt people might have over possible infringement. copyright rules can also vary internationally. I just set an arbitrary date. I will most likely extend it on a rolling basis after that date. there are no plans to sue anyone!

Comment: Re:Felt bad until I read this..... (Score 5, Informative) 358

by PTrumpet (#35426756) Attached to: Trumpet Winsock Creator Made Little Money

just for the record folks... I just posted this in response...

"urban myth. the only court case was the one with Ozemail, cited in the original thread. It cost both sides heaps to run the case and was settled out of court after the judgement was given. Trumpet Software did receive some $$$, but not on the scale you mentioned."

As for starting up, Trumpet Software grew out a lounge room from shareware regs alone, not with a huge cash injection from a court settlement or any VC $$$.

As for some of the other stuff, there's a fair bit of personal stuff which would be inappropriate for me to discuss, except it almost broke me to have to resign my position in the business in 2004 because of the divorce proceedings. There are also some other inaccuracies in the statements you made, but as you can understand it is just not appropriate for me to discuss the ugliness of the divorce proceedings and settlement in public (except to say it took almost 7 years through the courts, the longest case in Hobart I have been told).

Peter T

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."