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Comment: Re:So how does this work? (Score 2) 69

by PRMan (#48647625) Attached to: Bitcoin Exec To Spend Two Years Behind Bars For Silk Road Transactions

Only if you specifically went around saying, "We're having you deposit money in our bank accounts so we can get around money laundering laws... Freedom to the people and down with the law..."

That's a paraphrase, but the judge in this case specifically said that he's going to jail because he knew he was getting around the law and that people were buying drugs with the money.

Comment: Re:Making him? (Score 3, Insightful) 222

by PRMan (#48568963) Attached to: Dad Makes His Kid Play Through All Video Game History In Chronological Order
I did this with my daughter. I didn't force her to play games, but I have the book High Score and we played through all the games highlighted (we mostly tried them, didn't beat them all). Some were still great, others are completely horrible and boring (the same ones I didn't really play then...hmmm). Now, her favorite movie is Wreck-It-Ralph, but she's sad that most of her generation can't appreciate its brilliance. She also is playing the Zelda remake on her 3DS and also downloaded a GameBoy emulator on her phone to play Pokemon (with a group of friends at school that do the same). She does play modern games as well, but my daughters definitely prefer a Wii to Xbox or PS.

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