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Submission + - Stop fixing all security vulnerabilities. (

PMcGovern writes: At BSidesLV in Las Vegas, Ed Bellis and Data Scientist Michael Roytman gave a talk explaining how security vulnerability statistics should be done. " Don't fix all security issues. Fix the security issues that matter, based on statistical relevance." They looked at 23,000,000 live vulnerabilities across 1,000,000 real assets, which belonged to 9,500 clients to explain their thesis.

Submission + - SysAdmin of the Year - Nominate by Oct 12th. (

PMcGovern writes: Deadline for nominations for SysAdmin of the Year 2007 is this Friday (Oct 12th). The award is sponsored by Slashdot, SourceForge, Digg, Usenix, Lopsa, Splunk and Naspa. The first 2500 SysAdmins nominated win a free SysAdmin Rockstar Tshirt. Prizes include a MacBook Pro, a non-bricked Apple iPhone, Gibson Guitar, Splunk license, a full paid trip to the LISA conference, and cases of Red Bull and more. If you know a Sysadmin that goes beyond the call of duty, nominate them.

Submission + - Calling on Rock Star SysAdmins (

PMcGovern writes: "PCWorld has an article about a contest asking SysAdmins to sing like rock stars. The article says: "...lyrics posted on the song contest's Web site and credited to Eric "Maverick" Garner put the daily duties of a systems administrator to music. Here is a sample: "I download all the patches and fixes/ and countless system updates/ I push 'em out to all the servers/ so nobody escalates." The website provides the lyrics and background tracks, the sysadmin just has to provide the vocals. The Rockstar Song is part of the SysAdmin of the year nomination website."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - SysAdmin Rockstar Song (

PMcGovern writes: The people who are putting on the SysAdmin of the Year contest just launched a side project called "SysAdmin RockStar Song". They give the Syadmins the lyrics and musical tracks (Wav, Ogg, etc) and all they have to do is lay down the vocals. /me ponders how many SysAdmins can sing?
Best version is worth $500. (disclaimer: SourceForge, inc, parent of is a sponsor in this contest).

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