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Comment: No grey area (Score 1) 487

by PDExperiment626 (#18512279) Attached to: Death Threats In the Blogosphere
My question to everyone is: if Kathy Sierra were your daughter or wife, would you say she's over reacting? Personally, I can't see how there can be any grey area in this matter. If you write something that can be interpreted as a threat by anyone, then anyone in a position of authority has to assume a worst-case scenario. Saying death threats and threats of sexual violence can be safely interpreted as jokes is purely asinine. Personally, I think if you are so stupid as to write a joke in the form of a death threat (especially to someone you don't even know), you deserve no mercy. In the workplace, I believe people like this need to be fired flat-out and flagged to would-be employer's as a potential threat in the workplace.

Any tolerance one gives to this behaviour allows further digressions in the name of mis-interpreted humour, and my second question is: where do you draw the line if not right at the start? I'm sorry but lack of tact, professionalism, common courtesy and stupidity aren't valid excuses for making comments that hurt or scare others.

In regards to the people who complain that such strict ideas make them afraid to say anything in the workplace: if you don't know how to act professionally in a professional environment you really shouldn't be there. If you ask a co-worker out, do it outside of your workplace, and if you really don't know how to tell whether or not a statement is offensive or inappropriate... best just to shut up all together then.

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