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Comment: Re:I think this is a crock of pooh.... (Score 1) 366

by P-Nuts (#33233912) Attached to: Video Quality Matters Less If You Enjoy the Show

The artefacts on digital terrestrial, viz. Freeview in the UK, seem to be particularly bad with grass pitches and crowds (focus pulls are also a problem). This spoils my enjoyment of the highlights programmes of football and cricket, and I don't watch very much else. I can't justify the cost of HD/satellite/cable, because I only watch a very few hours a week as it is. Even so, live HD football at the pub has the same problems to a lesser extent. With analogue TV, I get ghosting on some channels, which is also very noticable on a grass pitch. C'est la vie.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Gamer Plays Doom For the First Time 362

Posted by Soulskill
from the new-is-relative dept.
sfraggle writes "Kotaku has an interesting review of Doom (the original!) by Stephen Totilo, a gamer and FPS player who, until a few days ago, had gone through the game's 17-year history without playing it. He describes some of his first impressions, the surprises that he encountered, and how the game compares to modern FPSes. Quoting: 'Virtual shotgun armed, I was finally going to play Doom for real. A second later, I understood the allure the video game weapon has had. In Doom the shotgun feels mighty, at least partially I believe because they make first-timers like me wait for it. The creators make us sweat until we have it in hand. But once we have the shotgun, its big shots and its slow, fetishized reload are the floored-accelerator-pedal stuff of macho fantasy. The shotgun is, in all senses, instant puberty, which is to say, delicately, that to obtain it is to have the assumed added potency that a boy believes a man possesses vis a vis a world on which he'd like to have some impact. The shotgun is the punch in the face the once-scrawny boy on the beach gives the bully when he returns a muscled linebacker.'"

Comment: Re:One space (Score 1) 814

by P-Nuts (#33141712) Attached to: Sentence Spacing — 1 Space or 2?

That said, I'd rather LaTeX used single/double spaces to tell whether or not it's a sentence end, because then I wouldn't have to go back and put backslashes in front of all the spaces where it made a mistake. LaTeX is perfectly happy to have me type various numbers of hyphens to get the right sort of dash, but tries to be too clever for its own good when it comes to sentence spacing.

Comment: Re:So I am of an extreme minority... (Score 1) 454

by P-Nuts (#32482116) Attached to: My laptop's battery's good for roughly ...

I replied based on the battery life of my netbook. I don't have a normal-sized laptop. I'm too lazy to lug around a big heavy laptop, and too poor to afford a powerful laptop. So I have a powerful desktop for general use, and a netbook for portability. A static IP address and a firewall configured to let me SSH to my NAS means I can get at my files if I'm away and have forgotten something.

Comment: Re:Perspective (Score 1) 306

by P-Nuts (#32389318) Attached to: Earthlink Announces It Must Honor Comcast Cap

To offer some perspective, here in the UK we have monthly limits that are most commonly in the 15-30Gb range, with a premium limit of 50Gb being offered by a minority of service providers.

I'm in the UK, pay £16 a month, and get an 80GB limit. Overnight usage doesn't count to that total, so I can set a large download going before going to sleep.

Comment: Re:Hmm.. they already had depicted him before... (Score 1) 1131

by P-Nuts (#31924360) Attached to: Extremists Warn <em>South Park</em> Creators Over Muhammad In a Bear Suit

They depicted Muhammed in Super Best Friends in season 5 (which is what your screengrab shows). In season 10's Cartoon Wars (which is about the fictional controversy of depicting him in Family Guy) he appears covered by a black censorship screen.

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