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Comment: For the future... (Score 1) 338

by P Nitram (#41659579) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Linux Game For Young Kids?
My kid (5 years old) start to create it own level with Secret Maryo Chronicles ( )
He is creating a lots of level. Now the mouse, keyboard has no secret for him. He is selecting multiple object, copy/paste and move them around. He also learn to save often in case of a crash... Or when he pasted ~12000 life and overkill the system. He learn to take stuff from pre-made level to create his own. He figure out by himself to change the path of the element to modify the images. He wanted me to change few items colors... But when he ask me to create more enemies I told him to go to school so he can learn!

But three years old is a bit young for the computer... And some key shortcut are nasty and they can click everywhere...
Give your kid a IPod to play with, touch pad will probably be the future peripheral. You might see a video of it own.

Comment: Two side of it! (Score 1) 944

by P Nitram (#37757608) Attached to: Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global
My pessimistside: They already try to manifest against the war in Iraq... It changes nothing. It would be more useful to stop buying stuff or watching television and get out with your friends.
My optimist side: Maybe they learn something from Bug's Life movie. (The ants colony fight back the grasshoppers). The problem is that every revolution has it own risk. But when there is 30 millions without jobs it become serious.

Q: How many IBM CPU's does it take to execute a job? A: Four; three to hold it down, and one to rip its head off.