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Comment: A Success of the Internet (Score 4, Insightful) 82

by Oysterville (#46546963) Attached to: The Net Routes Around Censorship In Turkey
One of the places where the Internet truly succeeds is by giving everyone a voice, thereby creating a watchdog effect that mass media has failed at themselves. Granted, not many use their "voice" for a worthy purpose, but those that do may never have been heard if it weren't for this medium.

Comment: "Think of the Fish" (Score 3, Informative) 168

by Oysterville (#46379571) Attached to: Damming News From Washington State
That last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River that the OP mentions is also the last stretch of Columbia River that maintains spawning habitat. It also accounts for a very large portion of the salmon that return through the Columbia River estuary every year. If removing this dam would open up more spawning habitat, this would not be a bad thing.

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