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Comment: Okay, Fine (Score 2) 664

by Oysterville (#46913039) Attached to: Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps
We all know that the police generally don't put a high priority on retrieving lost smart phones. So, if someone ever absconds with my smart phone and I use the app that I have on it to track it down, I will simply call the local sheriff's office and tell them that I have located my phone, give them the address, and tell them that in 10 minutes I will be going in locked and loaded to retrieve it. That should give them sufficient time to prevent a more serious crime from taking place.

Comment: Classes and Permits (Score 2) 297

Drones in the private sector are getting to the point where the only way to really resolve some of this dangerous behavior is to require operators of the drones that go over a set height take classes and get some sort of certification. I don't know aviation enough to know what height that would be.

It can be a fun hobby, but if they aren't flown responsibly and safely, eventually a mid-air collision with a helicopter is going to cause a fatality. At least with proper training it would lessen the chances of that.

Comment: A Success of the Internet (Score 4, Insightful) 82

by Oysterville (#46546963) Attached to: The Net Routes Around Censorship In Turkey
One of the places where the Internet truly succeeds is by giving everyone a voice, thereby creating a watchdog effect that mass media has failed at themselves. Granted, not many use their "voice" for a worthy purpose, but those that do may never have been heard if it weren't for this medium.

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