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Comment Re: Really? (Score -1, Troll) 965

Yeah, and no-one whined about people making their feelings heard either. Take your butthurt back to someone who cares. The headline was inappropriate which is why it's been changed. A lot of people have been murdered. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect an international news site not to be a dick about it.

Comment Re:The contriversial parts in brief. (Score 2) 115

Perhaps the biggest argument I've often made for this is the fact that every single time there is a fucking terrorist attack in the West, it turns out that the perpetrator was known to security services.

While I agree with your sentiment, the corollary to that is just how many people are known to the security services? How many people do they try and recruit? We're turning into East Germany in the 1970s except that we have better technology and we're actually voting the fuckers in.

Comment Re:Seems fitting ... (Score 2) 182

Pfft. I don't think automated software development is coming any time soon. At least not for any business problem of any complexity. I received a specification document from a government department the other day. It specifies that certain values in an XML request are mandatory but not required. Now, I know that probably means the request will fail if those values aren't supplied but that, even if they are supplied, they won't be used. Or that they will be used under certain undocumented circumstances. Maybe.

Good luck getting any automated tool to understand that without going Skynet on our ass.

Submission + - UK Government Deletes Child Abuse Allegations. Says, "Oops." Not much else.

Oxygen99 writes: In the latest in a series of "mistakes, "oversights" and "coincidences", the UK Government's Goddard inquiry, set up to investigate allegations of a paedophile ring among senior government officials, has now admitted to deleting a number of online submissions of child abuse.

Of course, this being the twenty first century, the Goddard inquiry have no idea of knowing the details of the deleted submissions so all harrowing testimony has to be resubmitted on the basis that "honestly, we won't lose it this time guv".

Why. It's almost like they don't want to get to the bottom of it.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 684

I agree to an extent, but at this point, we'd just be sending out a 'few heroic lives' to do die lonely, pointless deaths that tell us nothing about anything. This isn't traversing the seas to get to the new world, this is going to a place where we know we'll die. Of course, we all die, but any Mars mission is suicide right now. It's no more and no less glamorous than throwing yourself off a train bridge to find out more about gravity..

Sure, if there's a reasonable chance of success, then by all means load a few heroes into the great sky catapult and see where the cards fall, but at the moment the only real people in the market are the proven charlatans of Mars One. That says everything to me.

Comment Re:Autism claims appear to have been lawsuit fraud (Score 1) 96

Quick correction, it was The Lancet ( rather than the BMJ that published Wakefield's original story. The BMJ published articles undermining those findings. Other than that, you're dead on. Wakefield is a dick of the highest order. Making up results for profit and almost single handedly creating the whole vaccination paranoia bullshit. Prick.

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