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Comment: Re:Z80 was in TRS-80 (Score 1) 124

by OutOnARock (#49562611) Attached to: When Exxon Wanted To Be a Personal Computing Revolutionary
I remember it well...my father worked for Univac at the time. He bought one of the first 100 TRS-80s off the line.

Of course he opened it up and our motherboard had hand soldered wires to replace incorrect traces on the board.

That winter, we lived in Tennessee at the time, we got so much snow that from Christmas to the end of January we had 3 school days.

What I remember most was the "Learning Basic" book, with the TRS-80 with legs talking to you from the margins.....

good times....good time....

Comment: Re:regulation? (Score 1) 245

by OutOnARock (#49448549) Attached to: 3D Printed Guns Might Lead To Law Changes In Australia
I was in London a few years back on one of those double decker tour buses and as we passed Scotland Yard, the tour announcer said that the officers of Scotland Yard now carried pistols...
When I asked if ordinary citizens could carry now, she looked at me with a disgusted look and said "You must be an American."

Later when we had stopped at a pub and I was conversing with a couple from the tour who asked why the American obsession over having guns like it was still the Wild West's rules and everybody goes around shooting everybody.

I explained that for me at least, that was not it

"You are in your home. An intruder, high on drugs, psychotic, thinks you are having an affair with his wife, just losing it over what is going on in his life, whatever, random, starts breaking in. You and your family retreat to the master bedroom closet, your "safe room", locking doors as you go.

You scream, "take what you want, just leave us alone."

You hear the bedroom door break.....the closet door is being kicked in....

The closet door flies open....

In your eyes it is your family's lives or the intruder's......in American at this point you have the right to defend yourself with deadly force.....

At this moment, as rare as it might be it does happen, don't you have the right to defend yourself with the finest armament of your choice?"

They then at least understood the view a rational American has about owning runs. To poorly quote Ice-T:

"I don't own guns for target practice.
I don't own guns to hunt.
I own guns to protect myself from a crazed psychotic individual or government."

that right there....

Comment: most expensive, try Hawaii..... (Score 1) 265

Single-Phase Service - per month $ 9.00/month
Three-Phase Service - per month $18.00/month

NON-FUEL ENERGY CHARGE (To be added to Customer Charge)

First 350 kWhr per month-per kWhr 8.1034 /kWhr
Next 850 kWhr per month-per kWhr 9.2569 /kWhr

All kWhr over 1,200 kWhr per month - per kWhr 11.1343 /kWhr

For customers receiving bill credits under Low Income Home
Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Non-Fuel Energy
Charge is 8.1034 /kWhr for all kWhr per month.

BASE FUEL ENERGY CHARGE (To be added to Customer Charge
and Non-Fuel Energy Charge)

All kWhr per month - per kWhr 13.6062 /kWhr

Minimum Charge:
Single-Phase Service - per month $17.00/month
Three-Phase Service - per month $23.00/month

Comment: Re:OSX (Score 1) 196

by OutOnARock (#49348397) Attached to: GNOME 3.16 Released
Obviously you have never used a laptop with a trackpad that allows a double finger touch gesture to scroll the current window under the mouse pointer.

Moving to the scroll bar arrows to move the screen...wasting screen real estate.....how quaint....1990 called they want their interface back

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