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Comment: Re:Fines don't mean anything to them! (Score 1) 91

by OutOnARock (#47471415) Attached to: Apple Agrees To $450 Million Ebook Antitrust Settlement
the idea from Prizzi's Honor, where you take what they find most valuable....

throw the CEO in jail, another one pops up in their place...

However, reduce the entire board of director's salaries to $100K a year for 5 years.....

Now they will think twice......

Also, the difference in their current salary and $100K does NOT stay in the company, it is divided up equally to all schools or something of that nature...

Comment: Re:So....far more than guns (Score 1) 454

by OutOnARock (#47335057) Attached to: CDC: 1 In 10 Adult Deaths In US Caused By Excessive Drinking
So we should get rid of the Golden Gate Bridge as well?

Because it makes suicide much too easy......even if they put up the steel suicide net people will figure out a way around it.

If someone wants to kill themselves, they are going to do it regardless of the "tool" used....

Comment: maybe not sex toys (Score 3, Interesting) 126

by OutOnARock (#47329759) Attached to: Google Demos Modular Phone That (Almost) Actually Works
How about something that can read an IR sensor such that:

1. approach woman at bar, place phone on bar next to drink

2. phone takes baseline body temps of said woman

3. chat with woman for 5 minutes

4. phone takes update body temps to see where the blood is flowing

5. pick up phone and get 1 to 10 scale on how "excited" the woman was with me

could work on men too just have to look for different "hot spots"

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