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Comment: Re:OSX (Score 1) 179

by OutOnARock (#49348397) Attached to: GNOME 3.16 Released
Obviously you have never used a laptop with a trackpad that allows a double finger touch gesture to scroll the current window under the mouse pointer.

Moving to the scroll bar arrows to move the screen...wasting screen real quaint....1990 called they want their interface back

+ - Alleged Bitcoin scam leaves millions missing->

Submitted by OutOnARock
OutOnARock (935713) writes "Yahoo Finance is reporting a story from Hong Kong (AFP)"

"Investors in a Hong Kong-based Bitcoin trading company fear they have fallen victim to a scam after it closed down, a lawmaker said Monday, adding losses could total HK$3 billion ($387 million).

Leung Yiu-chung said his office recently received reports from dozens of investors in Hong Kong who paid a total of HK$40 million ($5.16 million) into the scheme run online by MyCoin, but the total loss may be vastly more.

"The number of cases is increasing. These two days I received calls about more than 30 cases. We estimate more than 3,000 people and HK$3 billion are involved," he told AFP."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Literally? (Score 1) 645

Violence is like XML.....if its not working, you're not using enough.

Remember the episode of Star Trek (TOS) where the Enterprise enters a parallel universe where everyone is there but very very violent? The good guys win because its easier for a civilized person to act like a barbarian than it is for the barbarian to act civilized?

I feel this is where we are with the whole ISIS thing. They are barbarians. They will not stop until all the infidels are dead.

It is time for the US war machine to rise up, untie the one arm and two legs we've kept tied up until this point, and fucking fuck them up.

Literally turn that part of Syria into glass, civilians, children, fucking all of them.

Or to reference a very funny Sam Kinison bit about shooting the homeless. Paraphrasing here:
"Line them up. Ask the first one, any job interviews, any contributions to society, any desire to contribute at all?"
Shoot him, next.
Believe me, by the third person in line they'll be saying:
Yeah, I cleaned the street I sleep on, I will no longer piss and shit on the sidewalk, and I have a job interview tomorrow."

Turn Syria into glass, and the next guy in line will think twice before fucking with the civilized world.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. -- Isaac Asimov