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+ - Hackers have personnel data on every federal employee->

Submitted by OutOnARock
OutOnARock writes: Hackers stole personnel data and Social Security numbers for every federal employee, a government worker union said Thursday, charging that the cyberattack on U.S. employee data is far worse than the Obama administration has acknowledged.

Sen. Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, said on the Senate floor that the December hack into Office of Personnel Management data was carried out by "the Chinese." Reid is one of eight lawmakers who is briefed on the most secret intelligence information. U.S. officials have declined to publicly blame China, which has denied involvement.

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+ - PayPal will robo-text/call you with no opt-out starting July 1->

Submitted by OutOnARock
OutOnARock writes: When eBay cuts PayPal loose this summer, users of the new digital money giant will find they've agreed to new terms of service that take effect July 1. Those terms include PayPal giving itself the right to robocall or robo-text members at any phone number the firm can find, for just about any reason — from debt collecting to advertisements to opinion polling.

The fine print also says PayPal can pass along the same rights to its affiliates. Here's the language, in black and white, from the company's website:

You consent to receive autodialed or prerecorded calls and text messages from PayPal at any telephone number that you have provided us or that we have otherwise obtained . . . . (PayPal) may share your phone numbers with our Affiliates or with our service providers, such as billing or collections companies, who we have contracted with to assist us in pursuing our rights.

If I can only use PayPal on eBay, it'll probably mean an end of eBay for me, what about you?

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Comment: Re:Android to iDevice (Score 1) 344 344

by OutOnARock (#49794507) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier
Oh, don't think Apple doesn't have fragmentation as well. There are four screen sizes of iPhones, one iPod Touch size, four screen sizes (Retina/non-Retina) of iPads, with each having different features.

that's not fragmentation, that's a variety of devices and models...

fragmentation when we speak of Android is referring to the OS

all of the devices you named from the last 4 years can run the same, and latest, version of iOS

my iPhone 4s runs iOS 8.3

. try and keep up

Comment: Re:reasons (Score 1) 327 327

by OutOnARock (#49784597) Attached to: Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned
oh, I don't know, when presented with a lunatic bent on killing me, I'd say that's a pretty good usage for a gun.

I've paraphrased Ice -T many times because he gets it right...

I don't own a gun for hunting...

I don't own a gun for target practice...

I own a gun to protect myself from a crazy lunatic individual or government.

that right there...

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