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Comment: Re:What I really want to know... (Score 1) 739

by OuroborosCobra (#16227737) Attached to: Chinese Lasers Blind US Satelites
Actually, that is simply incorrect. One of the reasons that the US government was not entirely upset when the Soviets got Sputnik up first was that it would fly over the United States. When we did not complain over a spacecraft flying over our territory, we established the freedom to do so, allowing s to fly spy satellites over Russian and other territories. The US does not have a policy forbidding any country or group from flying non-weapon satelites over our territory.

The Chinese are creating this new and dangerous precedent, and they could find this backfire on them. We do not stop Chinese and Russian spy satelites from flying over US territory and interests. We do not blind them either. The most that we do is try to hide what they are trying to look at. With this course of action, the Chinese have opened themselves up to similar actionsby us that otherwise would not have happened.

Good going China.

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