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by Otto95 (#33860098) Attached to: Russian Army Upgrades Its Inflatable Weapons

. . . and the Allies did it again in WWII. General Patton commanded a fake army designed to fool the Germans into believing the invasion of France would take place at Pa de Calais instead of at Nomandy. The fake army included inflatable tanks, trucks, etc.

The only thing that is newsworthy about this latest Russian incarnation is that it also includes fake thermal and radar signatures. Allowing a very old trick to be used again.

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Tetris Turns 25 177

Posted by timothy
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teh.f4ll3n writes "25 years ago a Russian (Soviet) researcher thought of one of the world's most popular games. It is now that we celebrate its 25th anniversary. 'Twenty-five years ago, inside the bowels of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow, a young artificial intelligence researcher received his first desktop computer — the Soviet-built Elektronika 60, a copy of an American minicomputer called a PDP-11 — and began writing programs for it.'"

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by Otto95 (#27965451) Attached to: GPS Accuracy Could Start Dropping In 2010
Spoken like someone who has never worked on a government contract. Who do you think is responsible for making sure there is enough oversight, or would add requirements at the last minute resulting in cost overrun? Hint: NOT the contractors. You're right, it is a project management issue, but likely not with the contractors. As far as transparency is concerned, govt. contracts, particularly those required to be CMMI compliant, have documentation and transparency requirements that would shock most commercial software developers.

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by Otto95 (#26574531) Attached to: Obama Staffers Followed Palin's Email Lead On Inauguration Day
I wonder what kind of ads showed up next to White House emails concerning political appointments? Seriously, it's just plain careless to put what could be considered classified government information into the hands of a third party. Even one that pledges to "do no evil." Hopefully, Obama's staffers will learn that things need to be done a little more cautiously when you represent the President of the United States.

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