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by Cramer (#48227207) Attached to: Automation Coming To Restaurants, But Not Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

Actually, almost everywhere around here, checks are processed just like a credit or debit card. In fact, the register will print everything necessary on the face of the check for you. Hand the cashier a check, they run it through the register (print), then through the EFT scanner, and hand it back to you. Some places want you to sign it and they put it in the drawer, others are done with it when it's handed back to you.

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by Cramer (#48227187) Attached to: Automation Coming To Restaurants, But Not Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

I don't hate them, but do hate how necessarily slow they are. The problem is with people who don't understand how they work. It's not the same as a cashier's lane. The self-checkout lanes use vision systems and scales to ensure you're scanning a single item and placing it in a bag. You cannot go fast because the system can't track you. If you're holding multiple items, it just confuses it. If you move too far away or take too long to scan the next item, it'll pause and wait for a human to sort out what's going on.

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Not "robot"; Point-of-Sale terminal, the same touch screen showing pictures of everything on the menu they punch. I can tap on pictures just as well as they can -- given how inaccurate many orders turn out, I can likely do it BETTER. I've been begging for this sort of thing for YEARS.

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He stole "coins", not money. He might as well have stolen rabbit droppings, or lawn clippings. The real-world money ("leafy green spendy money") came from people (read: "fools") who will trade real money for those things.

The only crime here is fraud and computer hacking ("unauthorized access", etc.) But as he's in one part of the world, breaking into systems in various other parts of the world, taking things from people in yet other parts of the world... nobody will bother pursuing him.

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Right, so I can pay $30+ per month for something I might use once in my lifetime, or $20/mo for unlimited text that I [i]will[/i] use every day. You failed elementary school math, didn't you?

(Also factor in the number of LECs (read: Verizon, and AT&T) doing everything they can to do away with POTS, and it's even more a waste of money. FYI, if you have FiOS, your copper loop was removed, and is forever more not an option.)

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There's the "master" linux, then the various side-branches for various developers, subsystems, and the like that does find its way back into the "linus tree" in part or whole. Then there's the significant stack of modifications found in almost all major distributions. And then there are a number of very specialized "forks" that most have never heard of, or care about. (Android is the only one most have heard of, but many don't know it's Linux.)

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We were searching for "high temperature" superconductors. (where "high" was well above the 4 K of the day.) And then "room temperature" ones. -- I've made several different chemistries of liquid nitrogen superconductors. (long long ago) Then the problem was (is?) making bendable wires out of it, since it's a ceramic material.

The concept of fusion isn't new to science. We know how to induce fusion via a multitude of methods. The thing is, none of them are net positive in energy production. None. Of. Them. High energy fusion (replicating a star) takes unimaginable amounts of energy, and we've yet to create anything stable enough to run for even a few seconds. Net positive low energy fusion ("cold fusion") similarly eludes us. Yes, we can cause fusion (eg, by capture of low energy neutrons), but it's an energy consumer.

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Other than the issue of no one maintaining the sysvinit shell scripts, and at some point in the very near future, the sysvinit package(s) being removed entirely??? (and that's not even counting the growing number of projects infected with the systemd cancer that are going to require significant parts of systemd be installed in the first place.)

Hopefully, this "re-think" will reverse the first two, and start to quell the later.

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