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Comment Re:What purpose does registration serve? (Score 1) 192

Some firearms require licensing, but not all. (i.e. handguns) And the gun rights lobby screams murder about that. (it's a convenient index/map of where all the guns are, when the nazis want to take them all away.)

A license to drive is supposed to indicate you know how to drive, and it thus a means to revoke that privilege. In reality, it's more a tax than anything else.

Voter registration is there to make sure a person only votes once. If you don't care to vote, then you don't register! If you don't want to shop at Sam's Club, don't buy a membership.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 194

I have. If you're connected to the network at the time of installation, it will fetch the latest versions of everything from the selected mirror(s). If you install from an outdated copy of a mirror, it's the same BS as a windows install, albeit far less annoying (it's ONE update/upgrade (and reboot) and you're done, unlike the M$ method of installing a patch (reboot), patch the patch (reboot), patch the patch of the patch (reboot), ...)

Comment Re:"Bin Laden determined to attack in the US" (Score 1) 118

Exactly. The dogma of that era was to simply let them take over the plane. They're just going to fly it to Cuba or something, or land someplace and hold everyone hostage until their uncle is let out of prison (etc.) We had ZERO experience with suicidal jihadists flying planes into the things.

Comment Re:"Bin Laden determined to attack in the US" (Score 1) 118

That's just more security theater. Even using actual armor plate, a determined (read: prepared) terrorist will still get through it. The only possible mitigation is the pilot getting the plane on the ground, and disabled, but they can get in.

No. The problem with 9/11 was simply our collective inability to fathom such actions. NO ONE believed they'd take over a plane and fly it into a building. NO. ONE. So there was no imperative to shoot them down (which easily could have.) And no moral struggle for a pilot to be ordered to fire.

Comment Re:What a maroon... (Score 1) 387

You do understand NASCAR is a STOCK CAR series? All cars are supposed to be identical (and there are entire rule books on it.) While there will be very minor differences, it's driver ability / skill, and more than a dash of luck, that determines the winner. Yes, teams do bend the rules, and out-right cheat, but that's highly self-policed. (somebody will eventually rat your ass out.)

What NASCAR fans are there to see are the really LOUD, fast cars... and the wrecks!

Comment Re: First... BULLSHIT (Score 1) 223

Also, why wouldn't motivated advertisers identify multiple devices based on Facebook logins or the like? People often login to the same services on all their devices, and I imagine that those services are happy to increase their ad revenue by selling more detailed user data to advertisers.

Comment Re:CG ships could look alot better (Score 1) 35

B5's gfx were rather impressive for the era -- and the Amiga used to make them :-)

Renegades makes me think I'm watching someone play a video game. And not a top of the line game. The open part in the mines gave me the impression of an oil rig lit with some walmart desk lamps.

And a word on audio... execute whomever handled sound. I have my speakers turned to max. The sound card turned to max. And youtube turned to max. And most dialog is still too soft.

Comment Re:So how many is this? (Score 2) 35

That was two mostly independent production teams. DS9 started falling apart because they couldn't leave it to it's own cannon; they had to keep lacing it back into TNG, and Voyager. The entire basis of Voyager was lost somewhere around episode 2, it seems... 70 THOUSAND lightyears from the federation, so they have ZERO contact. Yet, not a season went by that didn't string them back to the alpha quadrant somehow.

(That was the downfall of Stargate atlantis AND universe, too.)

Comment Re:I don't think it works that way... (Score 1) 190

It's only protected when there's a reasonable expectation of privacy. Calls to/from jail *ARE NOT* private. And never have been. Lawyers know this -- or they shouldn't be lawyers. When a lawyer wants to have a private conversation, they do it in private -- behind closed doors. The middle of the food court in the mall at noon... NOT private. The hallway outside the courtroom... NOT private. The waiting / reception area one floor down from the courts (or your lawyer's office)... NOT private. The judge's chambers... private (unless all parties and the court reporter are present.) Any of the conference rooms around the courthouse... those are private.

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