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Comment PCMag has a history with me. . . (Score 2, Interesting) 367

I'm pretty sure that it introduced me to internet porn back around 1994/1995. My dad was a subscriber to the magazine, and while flipping through an issue I saw an article about recommended porn sites. Interestingly the one that caught my eye was actually amateur erotic fiction. Anyway, at the time it never occurred to me that it might be strange to see an endorsement for a porn site in a mainstream computer magazine. Thus, I can't find myself entirely surprised at an article about file-sharing networks.

Comment Re:Someone's head is going to roll...... (Score 1) 459

Yeah, as someone who works at a glass distributer I can second the suggestion that laminated glass would have proved much more secure. It's not proof against break-ins, but getting in would take a more work than just smashing at it. It's also safer in accidents than plate glass. . .

Comment Re:A Little Known Maryland Scientist Has Made Publ (Score 1) 492

I'm still not convinced that it would be a good idea. I'm not comfortable with the idea of trying to cover up warming caused by human emissions with even more emissions. Reduction of emissions is the only answer I agree with -- which capturing and this covering do nothing to encourage.

Comment Re:A Little Known Maryland Scientist Has Made Publ (Score 1) 492

Clouds also help to trap heat near the ground, which is partially why the coldest days up here started on the clearest days. As such, any cooling caused by increasing the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere would be temporary at best and in the long run would be quite detrimental indeed.

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