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Comment: Re:There can be no defense of this. (Score 1) 184

by OrugTor (#48334597) Attached to: British Spies Are Free To Target Lawyers and Journalists
The motivation for the policy is clear enough: lawyers represent criminals and come into contact with the criminal underclass, journalists follow criminals and on occasion may gain personal access to criminals not available to others. Yes, there can be no defence of this, but the reason is that lawyers and journalists must be granted better protection, not worse, from law/intelligence agencies if they are to be effective in roles that society currently deems to be valuable. Their vulnerability in this regard should be cause for careful handling, not capricious targeting.

Comment: Re:Probably a bad idea, but... (Score 1) 192

by OrugTor (#47946557) Attached to: On Independence for Scotland:
"Scottish people", "destiny", "independence". Quaint notions that assume that inhabitants of an artificial polity with diverse ethnic and cultural origins are in fact a separate species ffrom the rest of us. The balkanization of otherwise stable polities is hardly the route to the unification of humanity. At best, it is jingoistic tribalism. At worst, it is self-destructive jingoistic tribalism.

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson