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Comment: Re:antibiotic resistance has already been solved (Score 2) 144

by Orangebeard (#36340418) Attached to: New Superbug Strain Found In Cows and People

Bacteriophages have no ability to infect humans. In fact, they can only infect a specific kind of bacteria; it won't kill other bacteria. Which is really good because if it was so easy for viruses to jump from one species to another, we'd all be dead already. Phage literally means "to eat". Once all the bacteria are dead, their food will be gone and the bacteriophages will die off.

Phages could be very useful as another line of defense against bacteria. I know if I was infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria and was going to die, having more options available would be more than welcome. Not only that but viruses in general are going to be very useful in the future from gene therapy (which might just cure HIV), to attacking cancer cells (talk about swallowing a spider what with chemo and radiation; viruses would be far more targeted and elegant).

Comment: Sounds like old news (Score 1) 166

by Orangebeard (#21793936) Attached to: Plexiglass-like DVD to Hold 1TB of Data
There was a company called Constellation 3D which was developing a product called a fluorescent multilayer disc several years ago. Sounds exactly like what is being described in the article. Basically there were pits with fluorescent dye that could be read with a laser. Seems that there was some sort of scandal related to a "demonstration" they did at COMDEX 2000 in which the demonstration actually played from a hard drive and not from the disc. They went out of business and their website disappeared and I hadn't heard about them for a long time. Now this article pops up seemingly touting the same technology.

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