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+ - What does the game industry want out of its press?

Submitted by
lofidelitymedia writes " /05/07/what_do_you_want

In a simple question, the editor of Gamersinfo sums up the question that anyone who writes about games feels. What does the industry want from us? What do the players, the developers, and the publishers want from us? And how do we square what everyone wants from us with how we are paid? Game journalists stand on the razor's edge of being able to bite the hand that feeds us, but not bite it hard enough to get the food taken away."

Powerful Supernova May Be Related To Death Spasms of First Stars 136

Posted by Zonk
from the we-need-a-few-more-heavy-elements-out-here dept.
necro81 writes "The New York Times is reporting on a discovery from a team of UC Berkley researchers, who may have discovered the brightest stellar explosion ever observed. Observations of the cataclysmic explosion of a 100- to 200-solar-mass star began last September, based on data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The researchers believe that the explosion is similar to the death spasms of the first stars in the universe. The super-massive star's collapse is believed to have been so energetic as to create unstable electron-positron pairs that tore the star apart before it could collapse into a black hole — seeding the universe with heavier elements."

Comment: Re:Well said! (Score 1) 63

by Ophelea (#12614469) Attached to: E3 2005 - A Look Back
I may be biased as he's my staffer but after walking that show floor for 8-10 hours for 3 days straight I'd had enough of the sound and lights and not hearing a single game.

What exactly DOES MEO sound like? I couldn't tell with the heavy metal music from DDO blasting behind me. And that was in a private booth in the West Hall.

Stargate looked interesting...did it HAVE sound?

The glare on PSP games was so bad at times I gave up even trying to demo them...

And yet I should review it??

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. -- Wernher von Braun